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Here's how Neokyo works

Bring a part of Japan into your home with Neokyo. We help you shop with multiple stores and ship items together, saving on costs!
Discover a world of wonders and treasures from Japan’s most popular marketplaces. Fast, secure, and straightforward—Neokyo is your ultimate Japanese shopping partner.


Find your item

Search Japanese stores and marketplaces. If you already have a store and item, simply use our purchase form.


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Create your buy requests and confirm your order. Our team will handle communicating with sellers for you. Making the process hassle free.


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Every purchase on Neokyo comes with 45 days of free storage, giving you time to complete your haul.


Pack your items

Create your packing request and our expert team will consolidate and optimize your package. Saving you money on shipping costs!


Ship your haul

Select from 1 of 4 international shipping providers and we’ll send your haul right to your doorstep.

Want to know more? Read our new user guide to learn how everything you need to know how to start shopping on Neokyo.

Search Japan's most popular marketplaces

Bring a part of Japan into your home with Neokyo. We help you shop with multiple stores and ship items together.

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Neokyo provides access to a whole new universe of rare and hard to find goodies from Japan.

Do you have a specific niche or hobby not listed here, or an online store already in mind? Submit a buy request using our purchase form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why an order needs to be reviewed first. The item might be ineligible for the service, be subject to a purchase limit already met, or the sale displays suspicious red flags. The safety of your purchases is always the order of the day.
This is the most essential rule to keep in mind when using Neokyo. When you pay an order invoice or place an auction bid, this action is binding and cannot be reverted or disputed, regardless of the order status with the seller. Our service would not be able to operate otherwise.
If an order is canceled by the seller or can't be completed, you will be refunded in full on your Neokyo Wallet.
Our fee is simple and unique for everyone. 250 yen for each purchase request, and a packing fee starting from 500 yen. Also called consolidation, this fee applies to a single shipment that can include several purchases. This packing fee is solely weight-based. Aside from the Neokyo-induced fee, note that using the service will also require an international shipment cost and possible import duties upon delivery. Please carefully check our transparent fee plan here.
You can check out by Wallet, PayPal or Stripe. Stripe is a trustable, account-less payment provider allowing customers to checkout directly with their credit, debit, or eligible gift card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery, and JCB are supported. For further information, please check our Payment & Wallet page.
The Neokyo Wallet is a feature that allows you to deposit funds to use later for ANY payment on Neokyo. By default, canceled orders are also reverted to the Neokyo Wallet. The funds on the Wallet never expire and can be requested for a refund to their payment source. Although, please check that your bank does not charge for international currency operations to not be at a loss in the process.
Depending on the nature and volume of your purchases, you may need to pay customs duties upon your parcel's arrival in the destination country. Note that Neokyo can NOT undervalue your package. Please consult your country's customs office website for further information. US Customers: Purchases below the 800$ mark should usually not trigger custom duties.
The fastest shipment methods like FedEx or EMS require 2-5 days of international transit time. Japan Post usually provides slower, cheaper alternatives that can take from a couple weeks to 4 months. Note that custom clearance time is not included and may take a while, depending on several factors beyond Neokyo's reach. For further insight into the current shipment conditions to your country, you can use the Neokyo Shipping cost estimator.
Neokyo can ship to almost any country worldwide thanks to our wide selection of carrier partners: Japan Post, FedEx, and DHL. Here is a short list of territories we can not ship to as of October 2022: Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Syria. For further insight into shipment conditions to your country, you can use the Neokyo Shipping cost estimator.
Neokyo can hold onto your item for free for up to 45 days. Additional weekly storage time is then automatically invoiced. When starting a batch of purchases, we recommend placing your last order at the latest 3 weeks before your first order storage time expires. This should allow you to avoid paying storage time if an order delivery is delayed.
The team handles orders whose arrival at the warehouse is deemed late on a daily basis. They contact the seller on their own if necessary. As such, you do not have to message Neokyo about delayed deliveries.

Neokyo’s values

Take advantage of the current offer on the Japanese online stores and auctions market. Our team is at your disposal to support you in English as you browse Neokyo.

With our Japanese proxy service, you can shop at the most popular Japanese online stores in Japan like Amazon Japan, Rakuten, or bid on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction! We arrange payment for your orders with Japanese merchants on your behalf, store your Japanese products in our warehouses, and send your packages worldwide! Our team offers the most efficient packaging possible so that your package can travel the world safely. We are based near the city of Fukuoka but you can easily make purchase requests from stores located in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, etc.

Neokyo is a simple japan shopping services platform with international shipping but without any Japanese import procedures on your part or any barriers. Our commission is only 250 yen per item + packaging fees. With Neokyo, it becomes easy to complete your collection of figurines, anime goodies, j-pop, etc. Or try Japanese snacks or cuisine by purchasing Japanese sweets, ramen, sesame oil, furikake to season your rice, Pocky, and other ingredients from online Japanese grocery stores. You can also try Takoyaki or Dorayaki!

Get passionate about Japanese culture, art, and traditions by purchasing Japanese craftsmanship ceramics made by people from the archipelago, a Japanese kimono, or even everything you need for a tea ceremony.

If you like Japanese fashion or cosmetics/skincare, join our users and try out a large number of Japanese fashion websites as well. Perfect for purchasing clothes and accessories only sold in Japan.

And lastly, remember that you can have access to a large number of Japanese auctions and request products available among Japanese online shops. All you have to do is choose which item to buy and prepare your shipment.

If you have any questions or need information, do not hesitate to contact our customer support or visit our blog or our social networks.