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Yahoo Shopping is an online shopping website managed by the famous Yahoo! Japan corporation. You will find a wide range of items that caters to all kinds of taste!

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How to buy from Yahoo Shopping Japan?

Many of you might have used Yahoo’s search engine and email provider service. However, did you know it is an online store marketplace too?

Yahoo Shopping is an e-commerce store from the Japanese web giant company - Yahoo. To provide the best e-commerce experience Yahoo Shopping provides customers with offers and benefits from japanese brands .

Although only people living in Japan can access Yahoo Shopping, worry not as Neokyo got you covered!

Neokyo is an ecommerce proxy that allows you to buy from Yahoo Shopping Japan no matter where you live. For this purpose, Neokyo acts as an intermediary between you and Yahoo Shopping.

Using Neokyo, you can easily purchase products from Yahoo Shopping. All you have to do is to head to Neokyo website and select Yahoo Shopping in the search field.

Apart from e-commerce purchases, Neokyo also acts as an auctioneer. In short, Neokyo is your gateway to purchase items sold on the Japanese markets.

So, if you are into auctions, you might also want to check out Yahoo! JAPAN Auction using Neokyo.

Why should I use Neokyo to purchase from Yahoo Shopping?

Neokyo is a Japanese proxy company. By using Neokyo, you get access to Japan marketplaces under one roof. Shoppers can place their purchases from Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo! JAPAN Auction, and other online stores using their Neokyo account. Neokyo service fee is 250 yen.

Here are few other reasons to use Neokyo:
  • With Neokyo, there are no language or logistical barriers. This implies you don’t need to be a Japanese resident to buy products from Yahoo Shopping. Plus, you can get your products delivered internationally.
  • Neokyo allows you to automatically translate product descriptions using Google translate and DeepL.
  • Neokyo supports all major payment channels so you can pay using your preferred payment method.
  • At Neokyo, there is a dedicated team for collecting and packing your orders.
  • Neokyo offers international shipping. We provide an order tracking number so that you are always posted about your package. As for shipment methods, you can choose between Japan Post, FedEx, or DHL.
  • A customer service available in case of problems or questions.
  • Neokyo has an active international community of users on Discord and other social networks. Here, you can get your queries solved by Neokyo users.

Does Neokyo Ships Internationally?

Yes, Neokyo provides international delivery. To top it off, you get 45 days of free storage if you place your order using Neokyo. This free storage allows you to bundle your purchases into one or more packages and save on shipping costs.

As for how the delivery process works, once your order reaches the Neokyo warehouse, it is thoroughly checked. Once done, Neokyo team consolidates your packages for delivery.

Once you have paid the shipping charges, all you need to do is to wait for our shipment confirmation! As mentioned, you can track your parcel using the number shared with you by email.

What is the Neokyo service flow?

  • 1. Browse

    Visit Neokyo’s website and look for your products from your favorite brands of japanese items.
  • 2. Purchase

    Once you have a product in sight, submit your buy request using our simple form.
  • 3. Store

    Neokyo offers a free storage period for up to 45 days. Using this free storage time, you can consolidate your orders into as few parcels as possible and save on international shipping costs.
  • 4. Get your purchases delivered

    Choose your shipping method, pay the delivery charges, and that’s it. Your products will soon arrive at your doorstep!

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You don't know where to start? We suggest you browse through some examples of Japanese products.