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Rakuten is a Japanese online marketplace. From there, you can purchase from more than 50,000 Japanese retail stores and secure the best deals.

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How to purchase from Rakuten Japan?

With over 50,000 sellers, Rakuten is one of the leading marketplaces in Japan. Anime goods, video game accessories, fashion-related items, beauty products : you name it, Rakuten has it.

Nonetheless, only people residing in Japan can purchase products from Rakuten. This is where neokyo comes into the picture.

Neokyo is an intermediary service based in Fukuoka and allows users from different countries to buy products from Japan’s best marketplaces like Rakuten.

Buying products using Neokyo is simple. Find the items you are interested in using the Neokyo search bar, place your purchase request, and that’s it. Neokyo takes care of everything.

All you need to do is to select a product and submit your purchase request.

Why should I use Neokyo for my Rakuten purchases?

Neokyo allows you to shop on all Japanese marketplaces.

With Neokyo you can:
  • Purchase products from Japanese online shops. You don’t need to be a Japanese resident, nor do you need a Japanese credit card.
  • Checkout Using your Neokyo Wallet or choose from various payment methods available at Neokyo.
  • Enjoy massive discounts every Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Neokyo provides international shipments which all come with a tracking number.
  • Get customer support across several social media channels.
  • Access to Neokyo’s international community on Discord and other social networks.

How to Ship your purchases abroad?

All Neokyo purchases come with a 45 days-long free storage period. You can use this free storage window to request your orders consolidation. Here’s Neokyo shipping flow :

Once you purchase an item, your order arrives at Neokyo warehouse. First, a Neokyo team member evaluates your product and upon their approval, your order is sent to the consolidation area. Next, we consolidate your orders.

After you selected the shipping method and cleared the shipment charges, your packages are prepared for international delivery.

What is the Neokyo service flow?

  • 1. Browse

    Visit Neokyo’s website and look for your products from your favorite brands of japanese items.
  • 2. Purchase

    Once you have a product in sight, submit your buy request using our simple form.
  • 3. Store

    Neokyo offers a free storage period for up to 45 days. Using this free storage time, you can consolidate your orders into as few parcels as possible and save on international shipping costs.
  • 4. Get your purchases delivered

    Choose your shipping method, pay the delivery charges, and that’s it. Your products will soon arrive at your doorstep!

With Neokyo, you can buy a large selection of products from :

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