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All Japanese snacks and groceries online

Do you like Japanese food, or are you just curious? Take advantage of the best or most original Japanese snacks and drinks brands! Do your shopping directly on the online Japanese food websites. Test the new Japanese Kit Kat, the latest Pocky, and the popular noodle and ramen cups, or make Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki by buying your Japanese kitchen utensils directly from Japanese stores.

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Nestlé Japan

Official store of Nestlé products like Kit kat


Find all the traditional Japanese snacks and sweets


A large selection of Japanese cakes

Neokyo's Tips for your online Japanese food purchases

Whether you are curious or nostalgic,, if you are looking to buy Japanese snacks and candies, Neokyo is a good solution! It is easy to get your hands on Melon pan, Kit Kat, or Chocoball!

Even if the products can be imported in most countries, we advise you to be aware that :

By using Neokyo, you have direct access to all online Japanese grocery stores. You can therefore enjoy Japanese-made products. Some homemade products shops offer you original bento boxes, Japanese candies, or Japanese chopsticks. Don't hesitate to have a look around the Japanese stores outside we have proposed on this page.

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