What Japanese products can we easily buy in Japan?

If you are a collector looking for Japanese products sold only in Japanese online stores, Neokyo is the perfect solution. Using our services, you can easily access Japanese online stores and enjoy exclusive Japanese offers at true Japanese market prices.

The Japanese market offers a large quantity of new, often exclusive products every day. Neokyo allows you to have real and easy access to the offers of Japanese online stores. To guide you in your search, here is a selection of Japanese products available directly on Neokyo

Japanese product universes

Japanese culture is rich and offers a wide range of products that are the envy of the world. In addition to completing your collection of anime goodies and testing the latest KitKats, shopping in Japan using Neokyo gives you the opportunity to buy a vast range of products that you normally wouldn’t be able to access.


Being passionate about the Japanese Otaku anime/manga culture is often complicated when you want to get the very latest anime figurines, stuffed animals, and other anime goodies. By choosing to use Neokyo, you are buying directly from Japanese stores.


By using Neokyo, you can preorder the latest J-music CDs and DVDs releases in Japan, buy limited edition Goodies, and also take advantage of the exceptional opportunities the secondhand market offers.


Buying Korean products or goodies in Japan is incredibly easy. Indeed, Japanese people often enjoy exclusive K-pop goodies and K-pop band CDs that can’t be found elsewhere.


If you enjoy Japanese food, you can buy it from any Japanese online grocery store. For fans of ramen, sushi and onigiri, you can also buy all the necessary ingredients and items and packs to help you make or decorate your bento.


Collector of retro gaming products or Japanese video games? Buying from Japanese stores can be difficult if you don't know where to look. Using Neokyo, you can see our buying tips and browse through our selection of online Japanese video game stores.


In the digital age, books remain a passion and a source of inspiration. And whether it's Japanese books, photobooks about Japan, magazines, or manga, your library will have plenty of material.


Choosing a camera nowadays is very complex, as there are so many models to choose from, whether they are new or used. If you want to take the plunge for a new or used camera, a good Japanese camera will allow you to take good indoor or outdoor.


Even in the face of Swiss hegemony in the field of watchmaking, Japan has been able to optimize its watch manufacturing to make its watchmaking industry a flourishing one.


The whole world looks at the Japanese fashion industry with a curious eye. Many trends are set in the neighbourhoods of Japan’s largest cities.


Much of Japanese culture and history can be seen in traditional Japanese board games. The games of Go and Shogi have already reached worldwide fame, and other traditional Japanese games are becoming more appreciated internationally.


By using our services, you can easily obtain items from traditional Japanese culture. From yukata and kimono to tools for origami or calligraphy, you can get an authentic taste of Japanese culture by using Neokyo.

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Shopping in Japanese online stores with Neokyo

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