Rakuten Rakuma is a Japanese money-saving online flea market. Here, you can buy a wide range of products from reputable sellers in Japan, either brand new or used. The Neokyo and Rakuten Rakuma's partnership allows us to offer you a comprehensive and handy service!
Start your shopping spree on Rakuten Rakuma

Rakuten Rakuma (formerly known as Fril) is Rakuten's online flea market. You can find incredible new or second-hand products. Rakuten Rakuma sellers can range from private Japanese individuals to professional retailers. You can buy a wide variety of items that represent the very best of what Japanese people like to buy. What will it be? Your best friend birthdasy present or a cart full of items you were looking forward to aquire for years?

How to buy on Rakuten Rakuma (Fril)?

The Rakuten Rakuma purchase flow is quite simple. You can browse the sellers’ offers through this page or by using the Neokyo search bar. Feel free to regularly refresh your search queries as new listings are uploaded every single day.

Once you found a listing for which you have an interest, just click on the “buy request” button. Our team will then take care of reviewing your order and invoice its purchase. Once the order is paid and the items from Rakuten Rakuma reached our warehouse, they can be stored for up to 45 days, which you can consolidate together to ship worldwide.

Whether you are a regular or occasional buyer, using Neokyo is the easiest and most efficient way to purchase on Rakuten Rakuma.

Any traps to avoid when purchasing an item ?

Rakuten Rakuma is a flea market where some sellers are individuals. Therefore, the product descriptions may lack details, the pictures may be old, or only display the item partially. Always read the item description and the seller's reviews before placing your buy request to make sure the price paid is worth what it stands for.

Keep in mind that the delivery time to the Neokyo warehouse and the domestic shipping cost can vary based on the seller’s prefecture and promptness. Neokyo is based in Fukuoka. An item coming from a distant prefecture will therefore take longer to arrive. If delivery time is an essential factor for you, the best thing to do is to check the prefecture of origin of the advertisement, and the price of the delivery fee may also vary depending on the distance.
Lastly, keep in mind that item options are not supported on Rakuma, and that your payment will be placed in Japanese yen rather than your local currency.

Why should I trust Neokyo to shop on Rakuten Rakuma or any shopping sites?

Neokyo is an intermediary for your purchases in Japan. There are several advantages to using a proxy service like Neokyo :
  • Neokyo is a Rakuten Rakuma quality partner. This allows us to provide you with optimized service.
  • You don't need to download the Rakuten Rakuma app.
  • You can shop at Japanese webstores without speaking Japanese. You can use the built-in translation services: Google Translate or DeepL to translate the search results and product pages.
  • If you still wish to directly browse Rakuma website, you can easily request the purchase through the customer interface purchase form. Check out this tutorial on how to submit any webshop url!
  • You don't need to set up a Japanese address to store your orders.
  • An easy access to the whole app! Easily browse the items for sell on Rakuten Rakuma using our dedicated search filters and sorting options. Search for items you wouldn't easily find otherwise!
  • You can pay using the payment method that suits you best, from PayPal to direct credit card input through our partner Stripe.
  • You can enjoy multilingual customer support, including English, French, and Spanish.
  • Our customer base praises our packing quality, which guarantees that your purchases will be secured for their international shipment.
  • You can interact or get help from our kind users on our Discord server to guide your purchases.
  • Neokyo allows you to group your Rakuma purchases with items won from proxy bidding on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.

How do I send my Rakuten Rakuma orders internationally?

When you buy your Japanese products with Neokyo, you can store your purchases for free for 45 days. This allows you to consolidate all your assets into one or more packages. In addition, your package will be consolidated by our team for international delivery. First, set your delivery address. Once you have chosen your shipping method and paid the shipping fees, all you have to do is wait for your packages to arrive! Keep in mind you can gather your Rakuten Rakuma purchases with orders placed from other marketplaces, such as Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.