One great advantage of Neokyo's service is that we'll store your items safely and securely for up to 45 days. Why wait to ship your items? Because you can group all your purchases together this way so as to save on international shipping. During the 45-day period, you can select the items of your choice to have them shipped together at any time.
Please note: once a shipment request has been validated, you cannot add any additional items to it.

Storage limits

Unfortunately, we do not store items weighing more than 30 kilograms (approx. 65 lbs) or whose dimensions exceed Japan Post's shipping limits. If your stored items exceed the maximum weight and size limits of the Japan Post parcel standard (25cm3, 30 kgs), we would be grateful if you would proceed with the shipment of your items.

allowed storage
Regarding large or heavy items

When ordering large or heavy item (which can probably just fit by itself in a single large package), please consider the following :

  • Due to the allowed storage area being reach as soon as the large item arrives at the warehouse, please kindly proceed your packing request as soon as possible.
  • The packing team has the sole ability to estimate the number of parcels necessary to proceed a packing request and which items can be packed together. All items included in a packing request will be packed at once whatever is the required number of parcels required to do so. We will not place items back in stock.

Commonly purchased items considered as large item : fishing rod, bike or car spare part, 1/4 scale PVC figure, framed poster, turntable

Storage period limit

Each item has an individual storage period of 45 days (7 days for stored parcels). When that time is almost up, you'll receive a notification message. You must request the item to be packed before the 45 days period is up. If you don't, then you will need to pay for each additional week of storage in accordance with the item dimension.

Once the storage period has expired...

Additional weekly storage is invoiced in accordance with parcel or item dimension, up to a limit of six unpaid weeks. Once these six weeks are over, the package or item will be considered as unclaimed. However items and parcels can remain in stock as long as weekly storage invoices are paid.

Storage cost once the free period is over

Dimensions Additional Order Weekly Storage cost Additional Parcel Weekly Storage cost

350 yen

210 yen


700 yen

490 yen


1400 yen

980 yen