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Mercari is a Japanese flea market service allowing private individuals to sell their wares. Mercari Japan is the perfect solution for your second hand purchases.

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Mercari best listings are on Neokyo

Mercari marketplace is Japan's most popular online flea market. Here, you can buy second-hand items in great condition from the best sellers in Japan.

If you are looking for a specific item to add to your collection, your search takes you here. Electronic devices, gym equipment, clothing, fashion accessories, home decor, books - you name it, Mercari has them all. To top it off, Mercari has products from brands like Nike, Apple, Louis Vuitton, among others.

Well, buying on Mercari can be overwhelming sometimes. You need to scan seller descriptions, manufacturer profiles, and whatnot. Don’t worry, Neokyo got your back!

Neokyo is a trusted shopping proxy that makes buying on Mercari feeling like a breeze. First, to make your search easier, Neokyo filters the best Marcari listings by denying purchases that may be made difficult by picky sellers’ requirements. Plus, Neokyo takes care of everything - from contacting sellers to settle the deal, to arranging parcel delivery to our warehouse. All you need is to visit Neokyo’s homepage, choose Mercari in the search bar dropdown menu and start shopping, that’s it.

Buying on Mercari has never been so easy!

How to Buy on Mercari Japan Marketplace?

Mercari has a transparent working model. First, Japanese sellers post ads on websites or on the Mercari app. As soon as the items are listed by the seller, you can find them on Neokyo.

As for how to buy on Neokyo, it’s quite simple. First, visit the Neokyo homepage and choose Mercari from the dropdown menu beside the search bar. To further streamline your product hunt, enter the product you need to buy in the search field, and the relevant products will be displayed.

Once you select a product, submit a purchase request, and that’s it, you have successfully placed your order!

As mentioned before, once you place your order, our team will take care of everything from contacting sellers to confirm the purchase to shipping the product. After a few days of your purchase request, your order will arrive at our warehouse. And from there, you can choose to send the delivery internationally.
Always check the listing description and seller reviews
Mercari is a private sales company. It is not a full-fledged e-commerce website. Here, most sellers are private individuals. Some listings may lack details and product pictures may be old or show the item partially, masking important details. As a result, you should be an alert buyer and always read the product sheet and seller’s reviews before making a purchase.

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Why Should I Use Neokyo to Shop at Mercari?

Neokyo is a reliable shopping proxy for your purchases in Mercari Japan. It is an intermediary that makes placing your purchases feel like a breeze. Here are some advantages of using Neokyo :
  • Neokyo is borderless. You don’t need to be a native to buy from Japanese stores.
  • We allow you to get your product delivered internationally. You no longer need a Japanese address to collect your orders.
  • We support all major payment methods, including PayPay. Thanks to this, you can pay using the payment method of your choice.
  • Neokyo has customer support for all.
  • Your products are packed professionally.
  • We have an active user community. You can get help from our staff members and community on our social networks and Discord.

How do I ship my Mercari Japan purchases internationally?

Once you request the purchase of your favorite Japanese products on Neokyo, you can store them for free for 45 days. This helps you to consolidate all your purchases into one or more packages.. In short, you don’t need to worry about international purchases anymore. From safe storage to worldwide delivery, we take care of everything.

We provide 8 worldwide tracked shipping methods - Airmail, FedEx, EMS, DHL, among others. Once you select your delivery method and pay the postage fees, that’s it. Your package will soon reach your location.

In a nutshell - How Neokyo Works?

  • 1. Search for products

    Go to Neokyo’s homepage and select your desired shopping website.
  • 2. Place your purchase

    Once you select a product, forward a purchase request to Neokyo using our convenient form.
  • 3. Get your orders stored for free

    After you purchase your products, you get a 45 days free storage period per item. This helps to save on international shipping costs by consolidating your orders through a single packing request.
  • 4. Ship Internationally

    Choose from 8 insured shipping methods and get your packages delivered internationally.

With Neokyo search bar, you can shop on :

You don't know where to start? We suggest you browse through some examples of Japanese products.