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Choosing a camera nowadays is very complex, as there are so many models to choose from, whether they are new or used. If you want to take the plunge for a new or used camera, a good Japanese camera will allow you to take good indoor and outdoor shots, alone or with friends.

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It is sometimes difficult to make a choice in face of the multiplicity of brands and models. However, buying a camera from Japan can be an excellent solution.

Widely reported on in specialized magazines, the know-how and the quality of Japanese photo equipment no longer needs to be proven.
Everything will depend on your needs, your objectives and even your affinity for a certain brand. Here are some tips to help you make your choice:

CANON was founded in 1934 by Goro Yoshida. He created his first prototype in 1935: the Kwaton. It was a failure, but he didn't give up, and inspired by the Leica brand, he had his first success three years later. After the Second World War, the company took off and changed its name to the one it is known as today, Canon camera co.
The Canon AE-1, released in the mid 1970s led to exponential development in amateur photography. This was a 35mm SLR with an accessory system designed to facilitate the creation of high quality images for the general public.
In 2003, Canon released the first consumer SLR: the EOS 300D, the first digital model to be marketed.
Today, Canon produces cameras for all photography enthusiasts, such as professional and consumer DSLRs, hybrid cameras, quality film cameras, accessories and a whole range of different lenses and optics. Canon's products offer all its users exceptional image quality and durability, and Canon deserve its place as one of the best camera brands.

The company FUJIFILM is distinguished first by the development of film and film for the cinema. It was not until 1948 that the Fuji 6 was born.
The name of this company comes from Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan. It’s a site as grandiose as it is magnificent and renowned as a true symbol of Japan, located two hours south of Tokyo.
In 1988, Fujifilm produced the first digital camera with a memory card, the Fuji DS 1P, and continued its success by launching the first 3D photographic system without a telescope.
Its cameras and lenses are produced under different brands: Fuji, Fujinon, Fujica, Fujifilm, Fotorama, Instax and FinePix. Fuji is particularly well known for its high-quality products, be they film, optics, cameras or medical equipment.
Digital cameras, the most developed models today, range from small compact cameras to medium-format cameras to hybrid cameras equipped with APS-C sensors, the latter being particularly popular with professionals and photography enthusiasts.

NIKON is the oldest Japanese photographic representative. Originally founded to fight against the German supremacy, it specializes in the production of cameras, cameras and precision instruments, including microscopes and optical accessories. It is for these reasons that this brand is very popular with photography professionals. Journalists were the first to equip themselves with these high-quality lenses and have greatly contributed to the development of the brand. Whatever your level of experience or needs, Nikon has a range of photographic equipment to meet those needs.

OLYMPUS CORPORATION is less known to the general public, despite its name being taken from Mount Olympus, home of the 12 Greek gods, and its similarity to the legend of Mount Takachiho, also home to hundreds of deities.
Olympus really stood out with the OM system of 35mm SLRs. With the OM-1 and then the professional OM-2, Olympus has been a leader in compact, high-quality camera equipment for professionals and discerning amateurs.

POLAROID, which unlike its peers is distinguished by the instant printing of the photographs. Polaroid has been a pillar of instant medical and professional photography for decades. The competition in this field is almost non-existent. The current Polaroid digital cameras are rather consumer-oriented. Today, we find hybrid Polaroid cameras that mix digital and instant printing, perfect for outdoor leisure, birthdays and more. No need to wait to distribute souvenir photos. For these reasons, Polaroid is experiencing a resurgence among enthusiasts because of its playfulness as well as its convenience and high quality.

If you don't have the opportunity to visit Shinjuku, the big photo market in Tokyo, you can let yourself be guided by our site and choose everything you need to please yourself: cameras, bodies, lenses, filters, bags, tripods, accessories, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax and Ricoh. Whether it’s new or second-hand, you will certainly find what you’re looking for.