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Suruga-ya is a hobby store with a focus on Japanese anime, video games and music. You may find both brand new and second-hand copies of the product you may be looking for!

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How to buy on Surugaya?

Surugaya works similarly to Amazon: for each product page, Surugaya may have its own New or Used offers shipped from its warehouses. But offers, third-party sellers unaffiliated with Surugaya are also available!
surugaya original page example with legend
Original Surugaya page offers
A - Surugaya Direct Offers
These offers are placed directly from the Surugaya product page on Neokyo. You may access it either through the searchbar or by submitting a Surugaya product page URL in the dashboard purchase form.
We highly recommend using this method as to always benefit from free shipping to the Neokyo warehouse!

Video tutorial (fullscreen recommended)

Surugaya will usually provide either a New copy price, a Used copy price, or both. These items are directly shipped from Surugaya own warehouses.

surugaya original page example with legend

To purchase one of those copies, you will need to copy the Surugaya original URL in our purchase form, which will then redirect you to a dedicated purchase page.

B - Third-Party Offers
Aside from the offers provided directly by Surugaya, third-party sellers may also provide their listings on the same product page. However, be aware that the domestic shipping fee will not be free in such case. You also need to submit the purchase request through the dashboard form after having followed a few previous steps :

Video tutorial (fullscreen recommended)

Usually, submitting a Surugaya original product page URL on our purchase form will redirect you to the equivalent Neokyo page. However, this page only displays the purchase options from Surugaya warehouses.

If you are browsing any Surugaya original product page, you should notice that the following mention may exist: 他のショップ (number).

surugaya original page example with legend

This link will take you to a list of offers from third-party sellers.

To purchase from those sellers which are not directly affiliated with Surugaya, you will need to follow this simple procedure :

  • From the Surugaya third-party seller offer page, click the seller name from which you wish to purchase.
  • You will be taken back to a page similar to the product page. However, the URL now "saved" your seller choice.
  • Submit this new page URL in the Neokyo purchase form, and input the additional information (price and order name) as usual. Submit the form and confirm the request in the next review page.

In summary :

Surugaya Direct Offers

surugaya original page example with legend

  Domestic shipping is free

  Dedicated Product page on Neokyo

  Delivery : within 4 weeks

Third-Party Offers

surugaya original page example with legend

  Domestic shipping is not free

  Must be submitted through the purchase form

  Delivery : within a few days

Surugaya or Suruga-ya is one of the leading anime goods / video game websites in Japan. From figurines to collectibles, you will find them all on Surugaya.

Neokyo is an intermediary service based in Fukuoka and allows users from different countries to buy products from Japan’s best marketplaces like Surugaya.

Buying products using Neokyo is easy. Select items using the Neokyo search bar, place your purchase request, and that’s it. Neokyo takes care of everything.

All you need to do is to select a product and submit your purchase request

What can I buy on

Surugaya allows the purchase of brand new products as well as second-hand copies. You can find anime goodies, collectibles of many kinds, and much more. Moreover, Surugaya has a large collection of products from various origins.

In summary, Surugaya is your one-stop shop for your needs and budget. Be it used, new, collectibles, or products available in other countries, Surugaya has them all. So, while you go for a shopping spree on Surugaya, make sure to browse through as many search results and product categories as you can.

Why should I use Neokyo to shop at Surugaya?

Neokyo allows you to shop on all Japanese marketplaces.
Here are some major benefits of using Neokyo:
  • You don’t need to worry about the language hassle.Neokyo has a built-in automatic translation tool powered by Google Translate. You can use this tool to your own convenience to get a better understanding of product descriptions.
  • You no longer need to create many accounts on different websites.Neokyo gives you access to all major Japanese online stores. With one single Neokyo account, you can shop from all leading online marketplaces in Japan.
  • Neokyo provides up to 45 days of free storage for its customers.
  • Neokyo service fee is 250 yen per purchase page.
  • Neokyo handles most major payment methods. You can pay using your preferred payment channel.
  • Neokyo ensures your items and parcels are properly packed with proven and secured routines.
  • Neokyo has an active community on Discord and other social networks. You can clear all your service-related inquiries in these groups.

With Neokyo, you can buy a large selection of products from :

Don't know where to get started? Head to our shop guide to get some inspiration!