Yahoo! JAPAN Auction is the leading auction platform in Japan. Place your bids to secure the neatest Japanese items. You can also take advantage of direct purchase options on most listings!

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Yahoo! JAPAN Auction - The best auction website in Japan

What’s stopping you from buying your favorite second-hand items from online marketplaces in Japan? There is no denying that only Japanese residents can access Yahoo! JAPAN Auction, one of the best auctions places in Japan (that sees more unique visitors than eBay). But, what if I tell you that you don’t need to be a native Japanese resident to grab the best deals from Japanese auctions? Neokyo makes it possible.

Neokyo is a shopping proxy service that allows foreign buyers to purchase second-hand goods from Japanese websites such as Yahoo! JAPAN Auction or items from online retailers in Japan.

Don’t worry, Neokyo will manage all the transactions. All you need to do is to head to our search bar, enter your keywords, choose Yahoo! JAPAN Auction, select an item which caught your attention and place your bid, and that’s it.

Let’s start to purchase rare Japanese second-hand!

How to buy with Neokyo?

There are two ways to make your purchase with Neokyo. You can either attempt a direct purchase or participate in an auction round.

With Neokyo, you can place your bids in real-time. To achieve this, you need to fund your auction deposit, which defines the maximum amount you can place on one or more bids within several auction rounds.

Now that you have set the maximum bid, head to the auction page you have an interest in and confirm the maximal price you are ready to bid up to. Neokyo will automatically increment your bids on your behalf until other bidders outbid your set amount limit. If your maximum bid is beaten, you will be notified via email.

Direct Purchase
Some sellers set a direct purchase price on their auction listing. If you pay this amount, you can directly secure the item. To make a direct purchase, your auction deposit should be funded the same way as regular auctions.

Now that you have a better understanding of the above-mentioned bidding flow, here’s how to really get started :
  • Firstly, read all the acknowledgments such as common pitfalls and other important points on Neokyo’s FAQs section.
  • Once you acknowledged the Neokyo terms and conditions, create your Neokyo account and log in.
  • Next, go to the ‘Wallet’ section and add funds to your wallet using PayPal or your credit card.
  • Once your wallet is funded, transfer those funds from your wallet to your auction deposit.
  • Head to Neokyo homepage and select ‘Yahoo! JAPAN Auction’ from the search bar provider list. Type your keywords to start browsing ongoing auctions.
  • Once you picked an auction, you can check out the auction page and place bids using our form.
  • In the event an auction is won, it is now considered as an ‘Order.’ You can find it under the ‘Order’ section of our user dashboard.

Stay away from shady Sellers!

It is very important to keep in mind that once you placed a bid, there is no turning around! Yahoo! JAPAN Auction does not support a claim system, and there will be zero opportunity to recover your funds if the seller ships a product which is not up to your expectations. Note that Neokyo can in no way be used as a “safety” buffer in the event an auctions or order goes wrong and no refund may be obtained. Therefore, we advertise for a cautious approach when dealing with Yahoo bids. Most sellers are honest sellers , but please be careful with listings which seems to good to be trues . The rule of thumb is to stay away from new sellers with listing using a lackluster description. Next, make sure to read the product description and check seller ratings before you make your purchase. If you follow these two steps, you will not fall prey to scams.

Use our guide to find out if the domestic shipping cost will be up to your expectations as well, since those are not included in the bid amount you place.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to join our discord community and to ask other recurring buyers from the Neokyo customer base about their feedback. Read our complete Auctions guide to know all the dos and don'ts of bidding on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. In case you have any doubts about a bid, don’t hesitate to contact us as well.

Which payment methods are available In Neokyo?

Neokyo has a Wallet and deposit payment system dedicated to bid flow.

Neokyo offers you a virtual wallet option to pay for the goods you buy through Neokyo.

Using your wallet is simple. You add funds to your wallet by PayPal or Stripe deposits. The virtual wallet allows you to use these prepaid funds to clear any of your Neokyo invoices.

You might wonder - Why should I transfer funds in the wallet when I can directly pay from PayPal?

When you pay with PayPal, you need to pay a transaction fee every time you make a purchase. On the other hand, placing your funds in the wallet saves you on transaction fees. You need to pay the transaction fee only once, when you transfer funds from PayPal to your wallet.

Moreover, you can transfer the wallet funds to your auction deposit for the purpose of placing bids. After you cleared all your pending invoices, the remaining amount can be requested for refund back to the payment source.

Auction Deposit
As its name suggests, the auction deposit allows you to set your bid limit for Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. You can always transfer your auction deposit funds back to your wallet if necessary.

Talking about the bid limit, it is 1.5x your current auction deposit minus the pending bid and unpaid auction amounts. You can increase your bid limit by clearing your pending auction payments.

Why should I use Neokyo for my Yahoo! JAPAN Auction purchases?

Thanks to Neokyo, overseas buyers can also purchase goods using Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. Neokyo acts as an intermediary between the buyer and Yahoo! JAPAN Auction and helps users from across the globe to bid on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. Yahoo! JAPAN Auction offers thousands of new products every day. Remember to check the different categories and use the filters for a better offer browsing experience on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.

Here are some major advantages using Neokyo :
  • You don’t need to learn Japanese to bid on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction, as Neokyo does all the hard work for you. We settle the deals with sellers on your behalf once an auction is won, and take care of setting up the international delivery to your door step.
  • You don’t need to live in Japan to bid.
  • With Neokyo, you can directly bid on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. There is no need to open your own Yahoo! JAPAN Auction account.
  • Neokyo offers free storage for each order for 45 days.
  • Neokyo supports all major payment methods.
  • Your orders are safely stored at the Neokyo warehouse.
  • Neokyo offers international shipping.You can choose from 8 tracked shipping methods - Airmail, EMS, Seamail, FedEx, and DHL, among others.
  • Neokyo has an international staff member community support on all social media networks, including Discord.

Does Neokyo ship worldwide?

Yes, most certainly! Neokyo offers international shipping. You can choose from eight tracked shipping methods.

As discussed, you can store your purchases for free at the Neokyo warehouse for 45 days for each order. You can then use this free storage to request the consolidation of your purchases into one or more packages to save on shipping costs.

Once your parcel is ready, select your shipping method and clear the corresponding invoice. Soon after you pay the shipping charges, your parcel is dispatched from the warehouse. Now, all you need to do is wait a little bit for your packages to arrive at your doorstep.

You should note that there are certain restrictions on your import option. Firstly, Japan Post prohibits some items from being exported. Secondly, your native country will have some import restrictions. It is recommended that you check your country’s customs policies and regulations.

We can not provide the service for items which are bulkier than a 60 cm-long sided cube for example.

In a nutshell - How Neokyo Works?

  • 1. Search for products

    First, browse your favorite products on Neokyo on the most reputable Japanese marketplaces. You can also check Neokyo shop recommendations.
  • 2. Buy

    Once you found a product you wish to acquire, fill in the purchase form.
  • 3. Store

    Store your orders in Neokyo warehouses for up to 45 days for free and save on international shipping costs.
  • 4. Ship

    Once your parcel is consolidated, choose from 8 tracked shipping methods. Now, pay the associated shipping charges and wait for your products to be delivered.

With Neokyo search bar, you can shop on :

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