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In Japan, Amazon is one of the most interesting
e-commerce platforms! You can find numerous offers and enjoy a fast delivery.

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With Neokyo, you can access all Amazon offers

Hands down, Amazon is amongst the most popular online marketplaces in Japan. Unfortunately, not all offers are available to international buyers.

Well, you might be living outside Japan and still be able to access all the offers at Amazon Japan. How cool is that? Neokyo makes it possible.

Neokyo gives you access to all the offers listed on the Amazon Japan website. Neokyo is a reputed shopping proxy service that acts as an intermediary between you and Amazon Japan.

Buying with Neokyo is simple. You place your order. We buy from Amazon Japan on your behalf and deliver your products to your doorstep. Not to mention, we ship internationally.

Why should I use Neokyo for my Amazon Japan purchases?

Only a few sellers offer international shipping on Amazon Japan. As a result, you cannot access all the offers. This is where Neokyo comes into the picture.

Create your Neokyo account by completing the registration form, and that’s it. You can now directly access all the offers available on Amazon Japan.

Let’s count some major benefits of using Neokyo:
  • You can directly order items from Amazon Japan using the Neokyo search bar.
  • Neokyo lets you automatically translating product descriptions into Japanese.
  • With Neokyo, you don’t need to use a forwarding service.
  • Neokyo places your orders through an Amazon Prime account. Fast delivery guaranteed to our warehouse!.
  • Neokyo has an active staff and community support.

Choose from thousands of Options on Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan has a wide selection of products to choose from. The products include scale figures, mangas, merchandise from your favorite Japanese and Korean idols, you name it.

With Neokyo, you will be able to browse various options on Amazon Japan and buy based on your preferences. Nonetheless, e-books, Kindle, and other digital goods cannot be purchased through Neokyo.

While you are on a buying spree on Amazon Japan, make sure you read the product description before making a purchase. An important tip to consider is that each seller and offer may provide a given item under a different condition. It is a mandatory read to avoid placing a purchase while thinking the item will come Brand New, and finally receiving a second-hand copy. Plus, to ease your search, try using translation tools on your keywords. This will help you get more relevant product results.

How do I get my orders shipped?

Neokyo provides 45 days of free storage per item once it arrives at the warehouse. You can store your products and request your purchases for consolidation into one or more packages. This will help you save on delivery costs. Plus, you get all your products delivered in one go.

Here’s how Neokyo’s delivery operation works :
First, your products reach our warehouse. The products are then forwarded to the consolidation area upon receiving your packing request. Here, our team consolidates your packages for delivery. That’s it. Now, after you selected your shipping method and paid the related cost, your packages are ready to be shipped.

In a nutshell - How Neokyo Works?

  • 1. Look for products

    Visit the Neokyo homepage and select Amazon Japan from the dropdown menu beside the search bar.
  • 2. Place your order

    After you have a product, fill the purchase form and submit your buy request.
  • 3. Store your products for free

    As mentioned, Neokyo provides you with 45 days of free storage. Thanks to that, you can consolidate your purchases into one or more packages and save shipping costs.
  • 4. Ship your packages

    Once you have finalized your purchases, it’s time to get them shipped. Time to get your products delivered!.

    As for shipping methods, Neokyo provides eight tracked shipping methods, including Airmail, FedEx, EMS, DHL, among others. Choose among these preferences, pay the shipping costs, and your products will be delivered to your location.

Apart from Amazon, Neokyo gives you access to several other popular markets in Japan. These include :

If you are confused about where to start, check out our Japanese products help page.