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Service Presentation

Welcome to Neokyo!

We created Neokyo in 2007 to help people just like you purchase products direct from Japan - if it's sold online in Japan, we can help you buy it!

Is the Neokyo service right for me?

Whether you're a casual buyer looking for a specific object, a collector wanting to indulge in his or her passion, or a professional importer looking for new sources, our service is designed to meet your needs.

Ok, how does it actually work?

1 - Search

Browse the biggest japanese marketplaces from Neokyo or check our shop recommendations

  - Learn where to start from

2 - Purchase

Forwarding a purchase request is very easy! Get a free quote prior to pay anything.

  - How to purchase
3 - Storage

Store your orders up to 45 days and save on international shipping costs.

  - Learn more about storage
4 - Shipping

8 worldwide insured shipping methods. Packed with care.

  - Shipping and insurances

How much is this going to cost me?

There are no hidden fees with Neokyo! Avoid any surprises by estimating your costs before you bid or buy.
Here are the tools we offer to help you determine your costs:

How do I start?

First off, we highly recommend reading our First Time User Guide before making your first purchase request. You'll also find more specific guides and tutorials in the left column.

What websites can I buy from using Neokyo?

All websites are eligible for the service as long as :

  • the purchased item(s) are not prohibited.
  • The shop in question can ship your order to our premises.
Our team will check your order is eligible prior to your payment.

Websites you can search directly with Neokyo

You can search for products offered on the largest online Japanese marketplaces directly via our platform. Each product has its own page on Neokyo.
Here are the marketplaces currently supported :



Yahoo Japan







Yahoo Auctions

Is there anything I can't import?

Yes, there are restrictions. Two types of regulations limit what you can transport in and out of Japan: 1) Japan Post prohibits certain items from being exported, and 2) your country no doubt has restrictions as well on the items they will allow you to import. Regarding this last point, we recommend that you consult your country's import authority directly for details.

In many cases, purchase cancellation is strictly forbidden..

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