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What is Neokyo?

Welcome to Neokyo! We help you purchase your favortie authentic Japanese products fron reak marketplaces and online retailers in Japan.

How does it work?

Shopping for your must-have Japanese products is easier than you think.

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Find your favortie collectibles, snacks, and more by searching the largest Japanese marketplaces on the web, or check out our top picks and recommendations.

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Once you've picked out your treasures, you can forward your purchase request to be filled. It's easy, and we'll provide you with a quote so you know your final cost before committing.

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Store Your Items

Planning to order items from multiple shops? No problem. We'll safely store your items until you're ready to ship - up to 45 days - so you can save big on international shipping costs..

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We carefully pack your items and send them directly to you.
Choose from 8 worldwide insured shipping methods.

Who is Neokyo for?

Our community is large and diverse — gamers, anime fans, makeup and beauty shoppers, collectors, and everyone in between. Our variety of marketplaces and retailers have something for everybody!

Are there any hidden fees?

We want to make shopping for hard-to-find Japanese products easier and more fun for everyone. Hidden fees aren’t fun. So we make sure to provide you with a final cost quote BEFORE you commit to your purchase.
Check out these tools to help determine your final cost:

How do I get started?

We recommend checking out our First Time User Guide before making your first purchase. Need some extra help? You’ll find additional guides and tutorials in the left column of this page.

Which websites can I search on Neokyo?

Search for the products you’ve been hunting for on the largest Japanese marketplaces, directly from our platform. Each product has its own page on Neokyo.

Browse these popular marketplaces:



Yahoo Japan







Yahoo Auctions

What other websites can I buy from with Neokyo?

Any website is eligible for our service, as long as:

  • The purchased items are not prohibited. (see below)
  • The shop in question is able to ship your order to our headquarters.
Not sure if your order is eligible? Don’t worry, our team will check to make sure your order can be fulfilled before you pay.

Are there any restrictions on what I can buy?

Yes. It’s important to be aware of regulations that limit what you can transport in and out of Japan, as well as any restrictions your own country may have on imported items.<br><br>If you have additional concerns, we recommend that you contact your country’s import authority directly for up-to-date details.

In many cases, purchase cancellation is strictly forbidden..

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