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Fees and Commissions

Summary of Fees

When you use Neokyo, you make two payments from the time you order and the time when you receive your package : 1) when you pay for the item, and 2) when you authorize the shipment of your package containing all your purchases :

1 - Order

  • Shipping towards Neokyo
  • Order Follow-up
  • 45-days long storage

Flat Fee

250 yen (‎US$ 2.20) + Order Price Details

2 - Shipment

  • Includes insurance & tracking
  • Can contain several orders
  • Parcel Preparation


500 ‎yen (US$ 4.40) + Shipment Price Details


3,6% of payment amount

+ 40 ‎yen (US$ 0.35) in the case of a payment made through Paypal.

Applied on each order or shipment payment (by the payment gateway).


 Order and domestic shipping price

250 ¥JPY


US$ 2.20*

*All transactions on Neokyo are made in Yen. This conversion is for information purposes only. The actual exchange rate will be determined by your payment agency.

If you purchase multiples copies of the same item within the same Buy Request, this fee is only applied once.

Our Neokyo service includes:
purchasing the item from the seller, an open channel to ask questions about the item (no negotiation or question regarding authenticity however), Neokyo support, receipt and storage of the item in our warehouse for up to 45 days. Important point : Neokyo does not inspect or authenticate the item as part of the service.


 International Shipping Cost

We do not charge any Neokyo fee on shipping cost, you pay the actual provider price. For more details and help on estimating your shipping cost, please check our estimator.

  Packaging Fees
Package Weight Packaging Fees
Up to 2 kilograms

500 yen (US$ 4.40)

More than 2 kilograms 500 yen (US$ 4.40) +
150 yen (US$ 1.32*) for each additional kilo over 2 kg.
These costs include an appropriately sized cardboard box and packing materials (bubble wrap/padding) to protect your item(s) during shipment.
Package Weight Packaging Fees
< 2 KG 500 yen (US$ 4.40)
< 3 KG 650 yen (US$ 5.72)
< 4 KG 800 yen (US$ 7.04)
< 5 KG 950 yen (US$ 8.36)
< 6 KG 1100 yen (US$ 9.68)
< 7 KG 1250 yen (US$ 11.00)
< 8 KG 1400 yen (US$ 12.32)
< 9 KG 1550 yen (US$ 13.64)
< 10 KG 1700 yen (US$ 14.96)
< 11 KG 1850 yen (US$ 16.28)
< 12 KG 2000 yen (US$ 17.60)
< 13 KG 2150 yen (US$ 18.92)
< 14 KG 2300 yen (US$ 20.24)
< 15 KG 2450 yen (US$ 21.56)
< 16 KG 2600 yen (US$ 22.88)
< 17 KG 2750 yen (US$ 24.20)
< 18 KG 2900 yen (US$ 25.52)
< 19 KG 3050 yen (US$ 26.84)
< 20 KG 3200 yen (US$ 28.16)
< 21 KG 3350 yen (US$ 29.48)
< 22 KG 3500 yen (US$ 30.80)
< 23 KG 3650 yen (US$ 32.12)
< 24 KG 3800 yen (US$ 33.44)
< 25 KG 3950 yen (US$ 34.76)
< 26 KG 4100 yen (US$ 36.08)
< 27 KG 4250 yen (US$ 37.40)
< 28 KG 4400 yen (US$ 38.72)
< 29 KG 4550 yen (US$ 40.04)
>30 KG Not covered
*All transactions on Neokyo are made in Yen. This conversion is for information purposes only. The actual exchange rate will be determined by your payment agency.

Import & custom fee

Your shipment country of destination might apply import and customs fees depending on mutual trade agreement with Japan. We suggest directly inquirying the competent authorities in order to preview those costs. This amount is not collected by Neokyo.

Optional Payment or Fee

During the use of our service, you may be charged the following fees :

Payment methods

Wire Fees

Wire Fees
3.6% + 40 yen

Wire Fees

Wire Fees
3.6% + 40 yen

The wallet is a prepaid payment method that allows you to save time and money. Further information available here
Accepted Credit Cards (Stripe)





Accepted Credit Cards (Paypal)
May vary with Paypal policy towards your country..

How to optimize my costs
and save?

Here are some helpful tips for saving on costs while using our service.

  • If possible, buy from the same seller. This will make it possible for us to request those items to be grouped together (while being shipped to our storage facility), thus saving you money on intra-Japan shipping costs. Keep in mind, however, that not all sellers will accomodate this request as they are not required to do so.

  • Buy from vendors near our location (Fukuoka Prefecture). You'll save on intra-Japan shipping costs if you buy from a nearby prefecture and avoid items from distant places like Hokkaido or Okinawa.

  • neokyo position Map from the Japan Post website
  • Purchase in bulk rather than in small quantities to lower the price of service fees.

  • You can ask us to create a "Small Package" when you're ready to ship (if your item(s) qualify). Small packages naturally cost less to ship internationally. More details about shipping.