Fees and Commissions


Summary of Fees

When you use Neokyo, you make two payments from the time you order and the time when you receive your package : 1) when you pay for the item, and 2) when you authorize the shipment of your package containing all your purchases :

Paying for an item Paying for international shipment
- The item in question
- The Neokyo Service
- The packaging of your items by our team
- Insured and trackable international shipment
  • PayPal Fee : 3.6% + 40 yen
  • Customs taxes can be applied upon package reception according to the conventions binding Japan and your country of origin. For further information please contact the competent authorities of the country of destination.

Neokyo Service Fees

Fees per purchase

If you buy multiples of the same item, your fee will be calculated based on the total amount of the purchase.

250 yen


1.90€ US$ 2.25 CA$ 2.88 AU$ 3.00

As for 18/05/2018. More currencies can be used on Neokyo. Pay using your local currency through Paypal, which then convert the amount in yen.

Packaging Fees

Package Weight Packaging Fees
Up to 2 kilograms

500 yen

More than 2 kilograms 500 yen +
150 yen for each additional kilo over 2 kg.

Examples : a 3 kg parcel will incur a packaging fee of 650 yen, the fee for an 8 kilo parcel will be 1,400 yen, and the fee for a 20 kilo parcel will be 3,200.

We will consider special packaging requests(a different box shape, double protection, etc.), but be aware that we may need to charge a higher fee to cover the cost of the material.

International Shipping Cost

We do not charge any Neokyo fee on shipping cost, you pay the actual provider price. For more details and help on estimating your shipping cost, please check the dedicated page.

How to optimize my costs
and save?

Here are some helpful tips for saving on costs while using our service.

  • If possible, buy from the same seller. This will make it possible for us to request those items to be grouped together (while being shipped to our storage facility), thus saving you money on intra-Japan shipping costs. Keep in mind, however, that not all sellers will accomodate this request as they are not required to do so.

  • Buy from vendors near our location (Fukuoka Prefecture). You'll save on intra-Japan shipping costs if you buy from a nearby prefecture and avoid items from distant places like Hokkaido or Okinawa.

  • Map from the Japan Post website
  • Purchase in bulk rather than in small quantities to lower the price of service fees.

  • When it's time to ship your items, you can designate the value of the contents of the package for insurance in case of loss or damage. This is this same value that is taken into account by customs when calculating your potential import taxes.

  • You can ask us to create a "Small Package" when you're ready to ship (if your item(s) qualify). Small packages naturally cost less to ship internationally. More details here.