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Japanese fashion is an essential part of Japanese pop-culture and Japanese soft power. Many trends that amaze and intrigue the rest of the world are created and developed in Japan. The key to the success of Japanese fashion is not only its originality but also its accessibility. Japanese fashion is evolving with and against the codes of Japanese culture, making it a rich and exciting fashion.

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Rakuten Rakuma

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Largest Japanese site for selling Japanese fashion items


Reference store for Harajuku and Shibuya fashion


Japanese clothing brand Lolita

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First of all, don't start buying Japanese clothes without being aware of the differences between Japanese and Western sizes and morphology. Indeed, some dresses can be very short in length,and some Japanese t-shirts can have shorter sleeves. We suggest inquiring about the sizes when purchasing Japanese shoes. The majority of shoes are cut in S, M, L ...

To learn more about the Japanese sizing system, please visit:
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