Japanese music, CDs, Goodies and so much more...

Japanese music, CDs, Goodies and so much more...

You want to complete your J-music collection by buying directly from Japanese stores that do not ship internationally or do not accept your means of payment?

Take the opportunity to shop J-music thanks to Neokyo!

Neokyo buys on your behalf, stores your purchases for 45 days, and groups them into one or more packages. By using Neokyo, you can preorder the latest J-music CDs and DVDs releases in Japan, buy limited edition Goodies, and also take advantage of the exceptional opportunities the secondhand market offers. Living the life of an international fan is easy with Neokyo!

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Our advice for purchasing of Japanese music items

Japan is one of the few countries whose music and stage market continues to thrive. With such an abundance of artists and merchandise, it is difficult to keep your J-music collection up to date.

In Japan, we have the advantage of having a large number of music stores. It's easy to find a CD or a tour T-shirt. But to help you start your search, here are our tips for your J-music purchases.

Shop at specialized stores for CDs:

Try Tower Records, HMV or Amazon Japan. With Neokyo, you can take advantage of the preorder bonus exclusive at all their stores (depending on the store stock and policy).

Buy J-pop, J-rock, Idol goodies...

For new products, we suggest the official stores of artists or labels (Sony Music shop, The Universal music store...). For older products, we recommand you Japanese secondhand sites such as Mercari or Surugaya.

Set of 100% J-music CDs and Goodies

Are you familiar with Yahoo! JAPAN Auction, a reference site for auctions in Japan? You will find These auctions mainly offer old and used products. And above all, Box full of CDs and other goodies at low prices. Yahoo is the perfect way to complete your collection! Yahoo! JAPAN Auction is directly accessible from the search bar on Neokyo's home page.

Official Store and J-indies

Are you a Fan of J-Indie bands? Most of the time, you will find a list of their goodies and their official stores on their official website.

Go to the Neokyo blog for more tips on how to buy J-music online

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It can be quite daunting to search for a specific article without speaking Japanese. Here are 6 valuable tips to help you easily find the item you are looking for. Quick guide to find...

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