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Payment & Wallet

Payment methods

  • The Neokyo Wallet is a prepaid payment method that allows you to save time and money.
  • Cancelled orders are fully refunded there!
  • Available in most countries in the world
  • Account required, but easier transaction follow-up and management
  • Accepted Credit Cards : May vary with Paypal policy towards your country.
  • Available worldwide!
  • No account required, but no transaction history
  • Accepted Credit Cards : Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB

Note : the above-mentioned payment providers collect their own transaction fee at checkout.

The Wallet

  • Lets you pay your Neokyo invoices using prepaid funds.
  • Transfer funds to your auction deposit
  • Any leftover can be refunded once pending invoices are cleared
Tip : By placing a large amount in the wallet and then using it as your main payment method for the following purchases, you can save on Paypal processing fees (since you will have a single Paypal 40 yen transaction fee rather than several.)

The Auction Deposit

  • Defines your bid limit on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.
  • It can be transferred back to the wallet through your user dashboard.

The Bid Limit

  • The maximal bid which can be placed on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction (including direct purchases)
  • It is set to 1,5x your current deposit, minus the pending bid and unpaid auction amounts.
  • It can be increased by paying pending auction invoices.

Those are the three elements you need to be aware of before starting bidding on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. Ready to place your first real-time bid? Here is our help page dedicated to the auctions.