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Being passionate about the Japanese Otaku anime/manga culture is often complicated when you want to get the very latest anime figurines, stuffed animals, and other anime goodies. By choosing to use Neokyo, you are buying directly from Japanese stores. Neokyo acts as an intermediary, allowing you to quickly acquire and at the true Japanese price, all your favorite anime and manga products.

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For all fans of Japanimation, cosplay, or Japanese video games, Japan is an unlimited source of novelties. Each season offers its share of new series and dedicated anime goodies.

With Neokyo, you open new realms of possibilities! It is easy to get all the anime goodies, figurines, pokemon card, Japanese manga and other Japanese products. Find a vast selection of official merchandise directly from the Neokyo search bar. You can also fill out the purchase request form on the online anime/manga Japanese products stores. Neokyo is the perfect place to order from the Pokémon Center, the Jump store, or to order Premium Bandai or any other anime goodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the items new and in their original box?

The product page or item description will indicate whether the item is new or used. Photos do not necessarily represent what is sold. Boxes or accessories may not be included in the offer. In the case of figurines, the item might be sold without a box. Please read the description included in the product sheet.

Where can I find antique anime goodies?

For second-hand items, we recommend platforms that specialize in sales between individuals, such as Mercari or Rakuma. You should also be able to find a selection of items on Surugaya. In the case of collectors items or lot purchases, we also recommend Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.

Do you accept pre-orders on anime goodies through online stores?

Neokyo accepts pre-orders. To make a pre-order, simply make a "normal" purchase request. Our team will update the expected arrival date (non-contractual date).

Are pre-order bonuses delivered with my order?

In Japan, it is common to receive pre-order bonuses, especially for CDs and DVDs, books, and limited versions of goodies. When we receive your items in our warehouse, we check the status of the item. If a bonus is included with your order, we will add it to your stock. However, we cannot guarantee pre-order bonuses. It is indeed possible that they are limited in quantity by the store, or limited to one item per customer account.

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