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Shipping cost estimator

Remember that Neokyo allows you to store and group your purchases in Japan, so it's quite possible to ship multiple items from different sellers all in one package! In order to help you estimate your shipping costs, here is a weight reference table.

Use our international shipping cost estimator and plan at best the total budget needed for your purchases.

Enter the destination country and the estimated weight of the package. Then check the shipping methods available for your country.

Average weight Item example
2 grams Trading cards (Pokemon, Dragon Ball)
10 grams Calling cards, postal envelopes
50 grams Gashapon, phone cases, Posters, bubble mailing envelopes
100 grams Watches, small stuffed animals, CDs, DVDs
200 grams Manga, smartphone
300 grams T-Shirts, books, small package boxes
500 grams 20 cm PVC figurines
1000 grams Wax dolls, pants, shoes, boxes for standard packages
    (30kg max)
    150cm per side max
    (30kg max)
    150cm per side max
    cm x cm x cm
    Total: Package 1 Weight 1000 g