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Buying Korean products or goodies in Japan is often a good idea. Indeed, Japanese people often enjoy exclusivity for K-pop goodies and K-pop band CDs.

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K-pop goodies our shopping tips

K-pop goodies are popular in Japan, so it is easy to buy them or complete your K-pop card or CD collection.

The product offering is large, so be sure to compare the product pages. If you don't find what you are looking for, think about trying to check and translate your keywords into Japanese.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pictures contractual ?

Whether it is for official stores, professional stores, or individuals, the photos are never contractual. There may be a difference between the photo and the actual product. For secondhand items, remember to check the description and condition of the product.

Where can I buy secondhand items ?

You can buy used K-pop CDs and goodies on many platforms. We recommend Mercari Japan, Yahoo! JAPAN Auction, and Surugaya.

Shopping on Japanese secondhand store websites allows you to take advantage of the best price for items that are not available in official stores, find goodies from past K-pop concert tours, or pre order bonuses resold by Japanese fans.

Can I buy items from official fan club stores ?

At the moment, it is not possible to buy from Japanese fan clubs’ online stores. However, you can check whether the items are available for resale on Mercari Japan.

Can I preorder products ?

It is possible to preorder on Neokyo. The purchasing process is the same as for non-preorder/direct purchases.

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