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Even in the face of Swiss hegemony in the field of watchmaking, Japan has been able to optimize its watch manufacturing to make its watchmaking industry a flourishing one. While Swiss luxury watches demonstrate traditional know-how, Japanese creations focus on technological innovation. The results meet expectations with highly functional Japanese watches available in various sophisticated, avant-garde brands.

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Top 5 Japanese watch brands

In addition to its skill in robot manufacturing, Japan stands out as a true hub of global watchmaking thanks to an attractive array of "made in Japan" women's and men's watches. The following are the top five brands that stand out in the market:


Since its inception in 1881, the Seiko company has manufactured watches with ever more innovative mechanisms. The name Seikosha means "house of exquisite work" in Japanese but was shortened to "Seiko" in 1924. The brand competes with Rolex and sublimates Japanese holo-watchmaking through the manufacture of the very first wristwatch. It was also the originator of the diving watch, the Asian chronograph and the Astron, the first quartz watch. For a touch of originality, Seiko's men's products are given nicknames, such as Turtle or Samurai, which accentuate their exotic and authentic profile.


Citizen rose to the rank of the world's leading watch producer thanks to its first analog quartz watch that used light as a power source. This "Eco-Drive" model is unrivalled in precision and has shaped the culture of the brand, which looks to the future. The main appeal of a Citizen watch, aside from a wide price range, remains the elegance and subtlety of its wrist coverage.

Orient watch

Inaugurated in 1950, Orient dominates in the production of mechanical watches and makes a point of manufacturing all its watch components in-house. Contrary to preconceived ideas, this type of watch remains relatively affordable with a large selection to allow consumers to make a choice that suits their budget. Generally, shopping sites will ask you to check boxes to select your model. Don't hesitate to ask about shipping arrangements.


Initially a manufacturer of calculators, Casio gradually became famous for the creation of the calculator watch, becoming Casio Computer in 1957.The brand also made a brilliant move by introducing the very robust GA 100, which quickly became the brand's most popular line.


Established in 2005, Minase was initially reserved for the local watch market before gradually diversifying internationally. The brand's technical teams integrate a structure called "more" into their products, which is mainly inspired by old Japanese wooden puzzles. Each component fits together like a puzzle piece and can be easily replaced.

Reasons for the appeal of Japanese watches

In recent decades, the West has begun to rely on the Land of the Rising Sun to bring a touch of innovation to the watch industry. Japanese brands are putting technology at the service of everyday life with exclusive offerings of functional timepieces, without skimping on aesthetics. No more excuses for the country that produces powerful models like the G-Shock with ultra-resistant cases, dials, and hands. Citizen has integrated satellite technology into its models, which are as practical as they are easy.

With the introduction of Japanese quartz watches, watchmaking underwent an upheaval. These inexpensive timepieces were mass-produced and, in record time,became more popular than digital Swiss watches. These Japanese creations demonstrate a rare mechanical value and have become a must in the business world. The Watches created in Japan are utilitarian and combine the elements you would expect from a casual or formal watch in a modern design with an impressive variety of styles and functions. Before buying your new Japanese watch gather as much information as possible about your favorite model.