What is a Middleman service? - Neokyo

The Neokyo Service: An Introduction

Buy-Nippon solves it for you!
Neokyo is the service you need to buy on all Japanese sites with ease and peace of mind! Even if they do not deliver internationally, we buy on your behalf and ship your goods to you.
No more language barriers or other hassles!
The bonus of using Neokyo?
We store your items for up to 45 days free of charge so you save money by shipping multiple items together.

What websites can I buy from using Neokyo?

All websites are eligible for the service as long as :

  • the purchased item(s) are not prohibited.
  • The shop in question ships by mail to Japan. (no hand deliveries or pick-up)

Websites you can search directly with Neokyo

You can search for products offered on the three largest online Japanese marketplaces directly via our platform.
Don't overlook these great deals and exclusive products! Each product has its own page on Neokyo.

Can I place pre-orders?

Why of course! Please note that the payment will be processed in advance on a case by case basis.

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