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Zozotown is the leading fashion marketplace website in Japan. You can find a wide choice of Japanese and international brands. Enjoy the best of Japanese fashion trends.

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How to buy on Zozotown?

Zozotown is the most famous online fashion retailer in Japan. You can buy from global brands like Nike, United Arrows as well as Japan's leading names such as Moonstar, Wego, Axe Femme, Bathing Ape, Zozo, Zozocosme, and Zozosuit, to name a few. Zozotown provides you with all these brands under one roof and that too at pocket-friendly prices. They also run frequent offers, sales, and collaboration deals.

Nonetheless, Zozotown does not currently provide an international shipping service. But this will not refrain you from purchasing your favorite clothes from Zozotown and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Neokyo is a reputed shopping proxy that allows you to purchase goods from Japanese retailers. Essentially, Neokyo is an intermediary service. We buy products on your behalf and provide international shipping.

From placing the purchase to arranging your order for international shipment, Neokyo takes care of everything. You just need to submit a purchase request- that’s it. Neokyo provides all of this for a small service fee.

Why should I use Neokyo for my Zozotown purchases?

Neokyo is a shopping proxy company that allows you to purchase goods from all major Japanese online shopping platforms and Japanese fashion retailers.

Here’s why you should use Neokyo for your Zozotown purchases:
  • There is no language barrier. You don’t need to learn Japanese to purchase clothes from Zozotown using Neokyo.
  • We provide worldwide shipment.
  • We support a variety of payment methods.
  • We have a multilingual customer support service.
  • Your orders are packed properly to prevent damages.
  • You can get your doubts solved from Neokyo’s international user community on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

How do I ship Zozotown Items internationally?

Neokyo provides international shipping service for all orders. To top it off, Neokyo gives you free storage for up to 45 days. You can use this period to bundle your orders into one or more parcels and save on shipping charges.

Talking about the delivery process, once you finalize your order and make the payment your products arrive at Neokyo warehouse. Next, your ordered items are checked and consolidated for delivery.

After you selected the shipping method and paid the delivery costs, your parcel is dispatched.

What is the Neokyo service flow?

  • 1. Browse

    Visit Neokyo’s website and look for your products from your favorite brands of japanese items.
  • 2. Purchase

    Once you have a product in sight, submit your buy request using our simple form.
  • 3. Store

    Neokyo offers a free storage period for up to 45 days. Using this free storage time, you can consolidate your orders into as few parcels as possible and save on international shipping costs.
  • 4. Get your purchases delivered

    Choose your shipping method, pay the delivery charges, and that’s it. Your products will soon arrive at your doorstep!

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