Auctions guide

Important Facts

Real-time bidding

Purchasing through Neokyo usually means that an operator is first going to review and validate the order before any payment is pro ceeded. However Yahoo! JAPAN Auction are handled in real-time. When you place a bid on Neokyo, it is immediately reflected on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. This induce potential pitfalls which we introduce further on this page.

Auction Deposit

Before starting to bid, you will need to fund your auction deposit. This amount defines the total amount you may place on one or more bids at a time.

Set your bid limit

On Neokyo, you define the maximum amount you are ready to bid up to. Therefore we will automatically bid on your behalf in the case someone starts outbidding you, up to the amount you originally set.
Your maximum bid is beaten? We will notify you by sending an email.

Direct purchase

Some sellers set a direct purchase price option in addition to the starting auction price. By paying this amount, you immediately secure the purchase. This price is usually displayed in green. Please note that your auction deposit still need to match this amount.

How to start bidding now

To start bidding right now, simply follow the following steps :

  1. Please make sure that you ackowledged the important points mentioned above as well as the common pitfalls list below.
  2. After having logged in, head to account area, in the "Wallet" section. Add funds to your wallet by using Paypal or Stripe.
  3. From the same page, transfer funds from your wallet to your auction deposit.
  4. You can then bid or place direct purchase within the limit set by the funds available on your auction deposit. Your current bid limit is also displayed in the website header.
  5. Use our searchbar to look for ongoing auctions, by selecting "Yahoo! JAPAN Auction" from the provider list.

Common pitfalls

Usual precautions

First of all, and if you have not done it yet, we would usually recommand a read-through of our good practice guildelines. This page sums up the risk inherent to proxying in general and how to avoid the common pitfalls on all shops.

Some sellers launch auctions with very low starting price to attract potential bidders. These price usually range from 1 to 99 yen. However those offers are often risky as the seller might have set a domestic shipping price as to be the rate where they are making their profits.
Use our button "Estimate domestic shipping cost" to have a look at the offered domestic rates.

At first you might think that placing bids on all those cheap auction is insteresting.
Well, keep in mind that for each of those auctions, you will quoted for the 250 yen service fee, the domestic shipping cost and potential wire fee.
Therefore, we would always advise to look for sets of item rather than individual items. It will in most case be a better deal. This advice is especially true if you are a trading card, video game or figure collector.

Bidding through Neokyo means bidding directly through Yahoo. It is your responsability to make sure that we can ship you this item.

  • Have a serious read-through of the forbidden item list
  • Do not forget about the "contained or having contained" rule (an item having been in contact with a substance part of the forbidden list in the past, will be forbidden as well even if cleaned.)
  • Keep in mind we can not refund you if a mistake was made.
  • If you are planning on bidding on a high-valued item, use your common sense to avoid bad surprise. If you think that there is even a rather small risk bidding on a given pricy auction, do not take it. It might actually be worth checking if does not have similar offers since its a more customer-friendly and oriented marketplace.

This one is quite self-explanatory. Some shops (especially the ones dealing with heavy item) does not ship to the auction winners and expect them to pay a visit to their retail store to pick up the item.
We can unfortunately not deal with this kind of offer and no refund shall be issued in the case you bidded on this kind of auction. Thus another good reason to acknowledge the description using DeepL or ask us if you have any doubt

This rule is actually tied to the forbidden item list. We will not empty a flagrance bottle, unmount a tire from its rim or unscrew an airbag out of a car wheel. Those are just sample examples but you get the idea.

As suggest in the D bullet, Yahoo is NOT a customer-friendly marketplace. We block seller profiles with too few or bad ratings by default, but nevertheless you should still aim at very highly-rated seller profiles to avoid any annoyance.
As an important reminder paying through Paypal does not means having a risk-free transaction! Disputing an amount due to an auction going badly is just blaming us for something which was your responsibility.

While it is easy to use the translation tools to get a grasp of the auction terms, some seller place highly-important information in the item pictures, which can not translated. Please contact us in such case if you need an hand on understanding what it implies.
The Google Translate smartphone app can also let you scan pictures to translate those pictures if you wish so.

We can not message a seller to ask for several won auctions to be combined into one shipment.
Yahoo! JAPAN Auction automatically let the seller know when you have other ongoing offers and will usually suggest to offer a combined shipment for auctions won within 72 hours.
However the final decision is entirely up to the seller.

Once an auction is won

Here what happens once you win an auction or place a successful instant purchase :

  1. The auction is now considered as an "Order" and can be found under this subsection on your user dahshoard.
  2. We temporarily place the auction amount on hold on your auction deposit, until the auction is paid to the seller by our team (usually within 48 hours).
  3. Once the auction payment is settled with the seller, we issue the final invoice for this auction (the domestic shipping cost might be deferred to a further payment if the seller opted for a Cash on Delivery shipment).
  4. We automatically transfer the final auction invoice amount from your auction deposit to your wallet to ease its payment. You are notified that this auction can be paid through an email notification.
  5. Payment is open for 7 days on your user interface. Please be aware that a delayed payment might induce a 200 yen weekly late penalty fee so we suggest clearing your invoices on a regular basis.
  6. Once your won auction arrives at the warehouse, you are notified as well. You can then store it up to 45 days and ship it anytime with other orders as per our usual service features

Do you feel ready to bid?

Yahoo! JAPAN Auction can be accessed directly through Neokyo by searching through our search bar.
After having initialised your auction deposit, simply follow our marketplace tutorial to learn how to use our searchbar. The searchbar can be accessed directly from the homepage or any product page