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Dashboard Introduction   Back to Help Center

The dashboard is your personal command center on Neokyo. There you can review the status of your orders and shipments, read the latest service-related news and submit various kind of requests.

1 - A bit of Neokyo vocabulary

From the time you ask for an item to be purchased, to its actual shipment to your desired address, you will come across the following wordings while using Neokyo :

buy request icon

Buy Request
Created via our searchbar or purchase form. It is a non-binding order quote request on a given product.

Neokyo allows you to place live bids on Yahoo Auctions Japan. It is the equivalent of a binding Buy Request.

order icon


Our team reviewed your Buy Request or Auction and its payment is available. It is now an Order. The Order is binding from the time you pay it.

packing icon

Packing Request
This request allows to group one or more Orders into Parcel(s).

shipment icon

the Shipment Request allows you to ship one or more Parcels to the same international address.

wallet icon

The Neokyo Wallet allows you to easily receive back funds from canceled orders. It can be used to pay any bill across the service.

2 - Step-by-step Introduction

This tutorial is not available on mobile devices. We apologise for the disturbance.