Where and how to buy Japanese manga?

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Are you looking for Japanese manga in VO? You have the possibility to buy directly in Japan. How can you do it? Thanks to Neokyo!

The French, the biggest consumers of Japanese manga

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Manga are extremely popular comics in Japan. The successful series are so popular in the Land of the Rising Sun, that their fame has crossed the borders. Did you know that the French are the second biggest consumers of Japanese manga in the world? With mangas such as One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Kimetsu no yaiba or even Doraemon (manga for children), the popularity of these comics is no longer to be demonstrated.

There is really something for everyone: shonen, seinen, shojo, humor, children.... Indeed, there are, for example, mangas for men, women, young men, young girls... The offer is really wide and keeps growing with the release of new volumes and new series every week!

The job of a Mangaka is to create these illustrated story series that will soon become successful series. Nowadays, more and more people are reading Japanese manga and more and more publishers are accepting to publish them. Shōgakukan is one of the largest Japanese publishers of manga and magazines dedicated to this art.

Why buy manga in Japan?

Although France has a very large number of the most famous Japanese manga, there are, unfortunately, publications that are not released in French. Many series are not marketed in French-speaking countries. However, there is an efficient way to get all the manga you dream of: buy them directly in Japan. Of course, you don't have the possibility to travel to Japan every time you want to buy new volumes of your favorite manga. That's why we advise you to buy them on the Internet via Neokyo.

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The advantage of buying manga in Japan is that, on one hand, you can find all the series you want. Of course, the mangas bought in Japan are in Japanese. If you have some basic knowledge of Japanese, the pictures and the reading of the kanji can help you to understand the story. It can also train you to read Japanese. It's a nice way to learn vocabulary and kanji.

Besides that, buying manga in Japan, you can even find new or used manga and even complete series sold by lots! In this way, you can make grouped purchases by series in order not to miss any volume, which is rather interesting, we must admit.

Buy pre-publication Manga magazines
Before being serialized, a manga is first published in pre-publication magazines, with the aim of making the series known and measuring its popularity. Among the most famous, you have probably already heard of Shounen Jump, Shōnen Gangan , Cheese!

Outside Japan, it is very difficult to get these pre-publication manga magazines. The best solution is to turn to a proxy service like Neokyo. Indeed, by using our services, you have a real access to all that Japan can offer you! Perfect to complete a collection of Japanese manga.

Opt for the help of an intermediary to buy your mangas in Japanese

When you don't know much about manga and especially about online stores selling Japanese manga, it can be very difficult to find them. That said, to facilitate your research and your purchases, you have the possibility to use an intermediary such as Neokyo.

The principle is relatively simple, this intermediary is responsible for placing orders on your behalf against a commission. Moreover, a search bar is available on the platform with the sole objective of helping you in your research. By using an intermediary, you can save a lot of money on shipping costs. You may not know it, but some Japanese stores do not deliver internationally, but by using an intermediary, you can have your order delivered without any problem.

Using Neokyo as an example, the buying process is really easy. First of all, you search on the platform which lists many Japanese stores, or simply on the internet. Then, you make a purchase request and when it is confirmed, Neokyo will send it to you.

You can choose to have it delivered directly to you or you can choose to store it for free for 45 days at Neokyo's facility. This way, if you want to place several orders within a few days of each other, you can have them all delivered at the same time and save on shipping costs.


Thanks to Neokyo, it is now possible to buy new or used Japanese manga directly from Japan. You can buy them in any Japanese online store. It's easy, and it gives you real access to Japanese offers.