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Create your own little paradise with Animal Crossing Japan

Are you an animal crossing player or a fan collecting merch from the license? Good news! Let us show you how to get the goods with Neokyo!

Amongst recent video games, Animal Crossing Japan (どうぶつの森- Dobutsu no Mori) has, without a doubt, become one of the most popular amongst the general public. So it's no surprise that it has sold over 23 million copies since its release in 2001, topping the popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game.

The success of the game stems largely from its in-game universe: players move to a deserted island paradise that they can then develop themselves.

If you like real-life simulation games, you will definitely enjoy Animal Crossing and all its in-game functions.

Japan has a wide variety of Animal Crossing products exclusive to the Japanese market. Neokyo is the perfect place to get your hands on them.

Licensed products

In addition to the video game and manga versions, the license also has several merchandise products. These are exclusively designed for the Japanese market and come in limited editions including various other items.

Here is a list of some of the exclusive Animal crossing merch available:

  • Timmy & Tommy or Étoile mugs
  • Animal crossing t-shirt with K.K. Slider
  • Animal Crossing back cover or controller for the Nintendo Switch console
  • Mug with the colors of The Roost Cafe; Photopia design...
  • Animal Crossing Fauna plushie goods (models for other characters are also available)
  • Stationary, furniture & materials or stickers
  • Great outdoors commodities to decorate your campsite ands tents
  • Peppy elephant’s camper van poster
  • Your favorites Animal new horizons villagers accessories & key chains
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Where to purchase Animal Crossing Merch?

In view of the vast choice of goodies, you have the choice of characters: Kudos, Isabelle, Harv, Brewster, Raymond, Apple, Kiki, Chelsea, Rilla, Toby, Gorilla... But also versions of the game (New leaf or New Horizons...), decorations, atmosphere and islands like : photopia , a trendy open-air café, merry-go-round, campsite Most of the official products are available on the official Nintendo store. Unfortunately they don't ship internationally. However, Neokyo provides an international shipping service from any Japanese online store. So it's easy to get the entire new Animal Crossing (Dobutsu no mori) collection no matter where you are in the world!

Animal crossing Amiibo cards & character figurines created by Nintendo

Are you looking for the Amiibo series to find your favorite new villagers? With Neokyo you can get all villagers Amiibo figures or Amiibo cards from previous series to new special characters , main series or collaboration packs like sanrio set.

The card number allows the player to decorate villagers in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Currently, it is not possible to decorate the house of a special character, unless you use a card. So by using them you will be able to add new tv, clothing, flowers or add new villagers These cards can also be used in Photopia, in order to unlock the virtual poster on your gallery of the character represented on the card.

Here are some examples of products that may be of interest to you.

Animal Crossing Amiibo
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Sanrio Collaboration Amiibo serie

The Sanrio amiibo allows you to decorate the houses and clothing of villagers with sanrio items and make them sanrio villagers!

Available characters :

  • Rilla
  • Marty
  • Étoile
  • Chai
  • Chelsea
  • Toby

Some example of Sanrio character items from sanrio set for interior:

  • My Melody flooring, My Melody tray, My Melody poster
  • Cinnamoroll stool, Cinnamoroll parasol, Cinnamoroll flooring, Cinnamoroll sneakers, Cinnamoroll signage, Cinnamoroll sofa ...
  • Pompompurin flooring, Pompompurin pudding, Pompompurin rug...
  • Kerokerokeroppi lantern, Kerokerokeroppi flooring, Kerokerokeroppi tray, Kerokerokeroppi pin..
  • Hello Kitty bed, Hello Kitty table..
Is Sanrio Animal Crossing Limited?

If you can't find the article you're looking for on Amazon Japan or Rakuten, Neokyo allows you to buy animal merch on second hand sites like Mercari and Rakuma.

Animal crossing Plush

In Neokyo you can buy all kinds of products from your favorite retailer. The most popular ones are the animal books and plush toys.

The best place to buy your new plushies in an official way is on the Nintendo store with Neokyo

Let's complete your plush collection with our cutest and best sellers plush toy selection to add to your cart

Purchasing Animal crossing products on Neokyo

Like Nook's Cranny or Jolly Redd, thanks to Neokyo, fans can buy Animal Crossing merchandise from Japanese websites like Nintendo shop, Amazon Japan, Surugaya ... Neokyo is available in different languages and helps you to do buy requests for all japanese online shops. You can therefore have access to products that are currently not available in North America or Europe.

To do so, there are two different method :

  • On Neokyo, there is a search bar to choose a specific item to order.
  • Select a specific store not listed in the Neokyo search bar. What’s great about Neokyo is that you can shop from all Japanese online stores, for example the Nintendo Store! After selecting the product, you are interested in, copy and paste its URL into the purchase request form.

Neokyo is a proxy service, so a middleman purchases your product in Japan. Therefore, you can choose from any online store in Japan! Then we stock your orders and send them internationally. You can send the total of your current stock or ship your merch one by one.

You can also visit our special anime goods page to make your first purchase on Neokyo.

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An Introduction on Animal Crossing Japan

The first version of the Animal Crossing Japan video game series was created almost 20 years ago. It quickly became popular and developed throughout the years to appeal to a wide range of people, becoming the benchmark for its genre.

The game is a life simulation video game. The main goal is to transport you into a parallel universe where you are the master and have full control.

What's special about the game? Your neighbours are anthropomorphic animals.

Simulate real life to entertain yourself

Animal Crossing is first and foremost a social simulation game, which encourages you to explore the world and people around you.

Discover your world, get to know your neighbours and try to make friends with them.

You can visit the Sisters Fingers store and chat with Layette and Cousette. Also, help build and develop your island and turn it into a paradise (you can create spaces as you like). Furthermore, set goals for yourself and do everything you can to achieve them.

In addition to your daily activities throughout the seasons in Animal Crossing, attend special events and get bonuses to make your island even more beautiful.

A game adapted into manga and anime

Waiting for additions and dlc or any new update, we advise you to check out Dobutsu no mori manga and anime.

The success of the game has seen worldwide success outside of Japan.. The game is also very popular internationally. In order to further expand content and please ongoing users, Nintendo's license has opened up to other avenues and has been adapted into manga and anime.

Since 2020, the manga, directed by Kokonasu Rumba, is available in Japan. It gathers all the iconic characters of the franchise in original adventures, including Timmy and Tommy, Blathers, Tom Nook and more!

Animal crossing : New Horizons - What's New?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most recent version of the game (at the time of writing this post) and includes some unique new features (for example, you can change more of the landscape surroundings). The updates have opened even more possibilities that you will be spoilt for choice! Now you can:

  • Express your personality in your world
  • Choose different places to build
  • Set new goals using the Nook Miles program
In the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can visit each other's user's islands and get inspired by their ideas, or even trade with them! Remember, each island is unique and has its own surprises!

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