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Long after its release, the Pokémon license continues to be the talk of the town with its many creatures. Many people have collected Pokémon in video games, Pokémon cards, stickers, or other Pokémon merchandise.

If like us, you share the Pokémania or the love of Pokémon, no doubt you are also interested in Japanese Pokémon cards. Japan often has exclusive releases or versions that are hard to find outside its borders. Neokyo is therefore becoming a great ally in the life of any collector.

Japanese Pokémon cards: between adventure and passion

For more than 20 years, Pokémon has immersed fans in a world of travel, combat, and the discovery of creatures with extraordinary powers.

The Pokémon phenomenon arrived in France at the end of the 1990s and quickly aroused the interest of children and TCG card enthusiasts. Among Pokémon merchandise, Pokémon trading cards are still the most popular products in the franchise. In 2021, more than 34 billion cards have been sold worldwide!

Very popular among collectors, the game has also made a name for itself in the world of competition, where worldwide tournaments are held every year. Some rare Pokémon cards are among the most sought-after items for TCG collectors.

Apart from collecting Pokémon cards, buying Pokémon cards and booster packs allows you to participate in duels with friends or in international competitions where tens of thousands of dollars are at stake.

Each season sees the arrival of new cards and new Pokémon to collect. Today, some models are traded for several thousand euros! And among them, Japanese versions and Japanese exclusives are among the most sought-after. Despite the distance and the language barrier, it is finally very easy to get them thanks to Neokyo.

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Start your Japanese Pokémon TCG collection with Neokyo

Pokémon card boosters are not just for dueling with friends or in competition. Pokémon booster are often very popular with TCG collectors. Pokémon cards are available in many countries and languages, but the Japanese market often benefits from exclusives, special releases, and also dedicated accessories, which are only available at the Pokémon Center Japan or from certain suppliers and specialty stores.

There are many collectors among the Japanese, which makes it quite easy to find cards or decks, either by buying them from specialized stores or by buying them directly from Japanese collectors.

Neokyo gives you easy access to these Japanese product offerings

Indeed, with Neokyo, you can buy from stores like Pokémon Center, Card museum or Yuyu Tei, but also Magi and Amazon Japan. These last two shops are platforms of sales between individuals. We strongly advise you to have a look at the offers available on Magi. This site is a platform specialized in TCG sales between individuals.

You can also try bidding with Neokyo by bidding on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.

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Some examples of products available with Neokyo:

Neokyo's customers include many collectors of Japanese Pokémon cards and other TCGs. So don't hesitate to search the Japanese market and trust Neokyo for your purchases and worldwide shipping.

Is collecting Pokémon cards a worthwhile investment?

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In recent years, Pokémon cards have been the subject of much interest, both from the large family of fans and from investors looking for opportunities. Since its release, the Pokémon card game has sold over 300 million copies. And some rare Pokémon cards or vintage Pokémon cards are particularly sought after. For example, on February 22, 2021, a Pokémon card called Drake was sold for $509,969 in the United States. And that's just one of many cases.

Buy Pokémon Goodies and Pokémon Plushes

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With Neokyo, you can buy from all Japanese online stores. If you are looking for official and Japanese Pokémon goodies, Pokemon Center Online Japan is the place to go. You will find a wide range of Pokémon products (Pokémon TCGs, Pokémon plush toys, stationery, Pokémon t-shirts...) whose nature and the Pokémon featured change according to the season.

At the time of writing, in winter 2021, you can find a selection of 100% fire type products for a warm winter!

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If you prefer used Pokémon products, we suggest you check out Mercari Japan or Rakuma, available on Neokyo.

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