Anime goods stores in Japan: the best choice to buy your goodies

Japan is the first market for anime goodies, and it is full of stores that satisfy manga fans. The choice of products is vast, and all anime series are represented. Thanks to Neokyo, it's now easy to order from Japanese online stores and have them delivered internationally!


Manga, anime and cosplay stores in Japan: a vast choice

Japan is still a safe place for the production of anime, manga, and video game products. Every season, new anime are available, and some of them enjoy very high popularity like Kimetsu no yaiba (Demon Slayer), Tokyo Revengers, Jujutsu kaisen, Boku no hero academia, Re: Zero, Dr. stone, Yakusoku no neverland, Black clover or old anime as Naruto, Dragon ball, Pokémon ... And who says popular anime also says anime goodies. In Japan, it is very easy to find a store to buy new or used anime goodies like anime figure, posters dakimakura, keychain, . You will also find many collaborations between brands, Japanese snacks and candies, and popular characters.


Our selection of the best manga and anime store in Japan

Choosing the right stores is the most complicated part, because there are so many to choose from. If you are not in Japan, it is difficult to have real and secure access to Japanese stores without using a service like Neokyo. Indeed, most of these websites do not offer international shipping. To make your purchases, you need to use a Proxy Service system: an intermediary for your purchases in Japan like Neokyo is. In order to help you in your choice of online stores, here is a brief selection :

  • Animate Online : Animate is a reference for fans in Japan. You can find them in every major city, and the main stores are on several floors! Their online store has an even better catalog! Perfect for your purchases of recent anime or not.You can also place your pre-order of all current best sellers anime goods.
  • K-Books : K-BOOKS is a chain of stores specialized in second-hand anime or games goods. Each K-books has its own speciality. You can also find goodies related to your favorite seiyuu and butai. Moreover, K-books are available from the Neokyo search bar.
  • Jump Shop : The Jump Shop is the official store of manga from Jump and derivatives.
  • Mugiwara Store : This is the official store of the One Piece license. Unfortunately they don't have an online store, but you can find their goodies on resale in second hand stores.
  • Surugaya : Surugaya is a store specialized in second hand goodies. Its presence all over Japan allows it to offer a wide range of products. Surugaya is available from the Neokyo search bar.
  • Movic : Online store that offers a wide range of goodies, but especially campaigns with bonuses when you buy them.
Animation studios also often have their own online shop. So we advise you to go and visit Donguri Sora (ghibli), Toei shop, Kyoani shop .The list is far from being complete. There is still a vast choice of generalist stores or specialized in anime goodies, Japanese figurines, cosplay, seiyuu......

Advantages of buying anime items in Japan

Manga and anime goodies stores have opened all over the world. They offer a varied assortment of figurines, clothes and toys. But the choice and the quality are not always there.

Buying directly in Japan is often the best solution to get the new products without waiting for their arrival in your local stores, or to take advantage of the exclusivities of the Japanese market. Second hand offers also allow you to buy without spending a lot of money.

With Neokyo, you can shop directly in Japan!

With Neokyo, you can buy from any Japanese online store, as long as the purchase does not require contact with the seller. If you don't know where to start searching, the easiest way is to use our search bar on the home page.

If you can't find what you're looking for or the item is exclusive to a particular store, you can also fill out the Japanese Shop Request Form. It's quick and easy.

If you have any questions or doubts, our multilingual team is at your disposal. Deliveries can be made to almost anywhere in the world. You have the choice of carrier and can take advantage of 45 days of free storage. Perfect for collecting your items in one package!