Dakimakura: discover this original and comfortable Japanese pillow

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The Dakimakura is a well-known item in Japan among fans of manga, video games and other elements contributing to the popularity of Japanese pop culture. Literally, it means: hugging pillow (抱き枕, from 抱く daku /daki "to hug, embrace" and 枕 makura "pillow, bolster"). This Japanese pillow is not only considered as a bedroom accessory but also as a decorative element to prevent loneliness, emotional support or even as an erotic contribution. As the finest otaku goods in Japan, it is common to find a pillowcase dedicated to a character from Japanese pop culture (real or fictional).

The Dakimakura: a cushion-like no other

Accessory appreciated by Japanese people, the Dakimakura is actually a long pillow covered with a case. As mentioned before, pillow covers have a lot of designs that often represent anime characters. Whether it is the colors, the clothes, or the look, all the details have been respected to improve the realism of the images.
In addition to the comfort it offers, the Dakimakura allows you to enjoy moments of relaxation, all in the company of an anime character or an artist.

Where to buy a Dakimakura cover?

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Let us introduce you to some products to add to your cart!

Male characters : Neokyo best seller

It is more common to see illustrations of female characters. But the anime male body pillow covers are also available on a lot of anime goods retailers’ website listings.

Note: If you are looking for 100% high-quality Japanese textile items please check out the products description. Some inner pillow or cover origin can be a country from asia.

Tokyo revengers
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tokyo revengers 2
tokyo revengers 3
Kimestsu no Yaiba
kimestsu no yaiba 1
kimestsu no yaiba 2
Jujutsu Kaisen
jujutsu kaisen

Girls characters: Neokyo Best selling

Your waifu (wife) is from Japanese animations? In Japan, a lot of dakimakura stores are specialized in the best quality items with girls’ characters prints. All you have to do is make your choice.

Genshin impact
genshin impact 1
genshin impact 1
genshin impact 1
Re: Zero
re:zero 1
re:zero 2
re:zero 3
Astolfo Fate/Apocrypha 2way side
astolfo Fate/Apocrypha
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Dakimakura: between Japanese culture and anime passion

Much more than a simple and colorful cushion, the Dakimakura has its origins in pure ancestral Japanese traditions.

The makura (or cushion) appeared in the Edo period and was made in a wooden piece (it had a rectangular shape). About 400 years later, the Japanese discovered the amazing properties of buckwheat and used them for the design of cushions.

After being adopted by millions of Japanese, buckwheat pillows later developed into Dakimakura.

A perfect hugging pillow for Japanese anime fans

True harmony between quality materials, a perfect design, and an attractive pillowcase, the Dakimakura has seduced Japanese anime fans. You will find, for example, cushions with the image of various characters such as Miku Hatsune, Kurumi Tokisaki, Levi, the swimmers of FREE...

The reputation of Japanese cushions comes mainly from the export of Japanese pop culture and in particular from the otaku culture of anime and video games. Indeed, if you are a fan of Japanese anime and manga, you must have already seen a Dakimakura. For a period of time, the longs pillows such Dakimakura were considered, as much by the Japanese as by the non-Japanese, as the ultimate accessory of the anime otaku. The clichés related to the Dakimakura and the otaku are numerous and are often related to questions of the sexualization of the characters. But don't worry! There are also many Dakimakura pillowcases that represent anime characters or artists without sexual connotations. The most complicated part will be to choose a character among all your favorite characters.

Different available sizes of Dakimakura
Dakimakura can be found in different dimensions available. The sizes usually available sizes are the following.

For the sleeping inner pillow, the most standard size is about 120x40cm, but products with anime characters designs are usually human-sized with an inner pillow around 160x50cm or 150x50cm.

There are also many very original shapes of long pillows. All you have to do is find your favorite shape and color?

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What makes this dakimakura body pillow right for you?

Due to its structure and design, the Japanese cushion is a useful accessory witch a lot of benefits for your sleep quality and durable comfort. It is also practical and space-saving and blends in with the decor of the room.

Relief from dakimakura body pillow aches and quality rest

The buckwheat pillow delights for its therapeutic benefits. They are smooth and cover are often made with super soft velvet and adapts ideally to the body's morphology. It promotes muscle relaxation, protects the neck from all harmful stresses, and ensures better positioning for lying down. It eliminates stress and relieves backache, migraine, and neck pain.

By using such an accessory, you will not need to look for a comfortable position to sleep.

A hypoallergenic accessory

The Japanese pillow is made of quality material and is hypoallergenic. In other words, it does not contain any chemicals or components that may cause discomfort to users.

Ease of maintenance

The Dakimakura material is easy to maintain. To clean it, simply rub it gently with a sponge and detergent (avoid using bleach) or remove the dakimakura cover to clean it.

How to purchase a Dakimakura

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