What happens if your order still hasn’t arrived at our premises?

All orders are subject to a first estimated delivery date based on our previous feedback with the seller or according to the information available in the shop.

Neokyo case guide : delayed orders

In the event that the first estimated delivery date is exceeded, Neokyo will automatically contact the seller to find out the cause of the delay and request assistance from the sales platform customer support or a postal inquiry.

Pre-ordering: release dates are often postponed

Buying an item as a pre-order allows you to take advantage of advantageous prices and certain exclusive bonuses. However, keep in mind that these are estimated release dates. Many pre-orders have their release date pushed back. You will receive a message when the release date is pushed back. Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot cancel your pre-order.
To find out the estimated release date, please go to your Neokyo customer account and look at your order information. There you will be able to see the estimated delivery date.

Neokyo japanese item
Hourglass of modern design with colored liquid on a dark background. Time to a deadline, urgency, measuring the passing and running out of time concept.

General advice

  • Choose Amazon Japan: Neokyo has an Amazon Prime account. This allows us to quickly receive a large number of items from Amazon.
  • Check the distance between the seller’s hometown and Fukuoka: Our premises are based in Fukuoka (in Kyushu). Japan is a country where the distance between cities can be large. For example, 1,116 kilometers separate Fukuoka from Tokyo. Items sent from areas far from Fukuoka may take longer to arrive.
  • Second-hand items: For sites, such as Mercari, Rakuma, and Yahoo Auction, the sellers are often private individuals. They tend to send the items less quickly than a professional seller or a shop.
  • Surugaya: The average delivery time for Surugaya is 14 days.
  • National holiday periods: During the Obon period, Golden Week, and New Year, the time it takes to send and deliver an item may increase.

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