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Shipping and Shipping Costs

Neokyo offers you 8 different shipment methods. With so many options to choose from, we're confident that you will find a shipping arrangement that suits your needs.


Summary of Shipping Methods

Parcel Type Cost Capacity Shipping Delays Safety
SAL Small Package 1 to 3 weeks
Airmail Small Package Less than 10 days
Surface A few months
SAL 1 to 3 weeks
Airmail Less than 10 days
EMS Less than a week

Note: Some shipping methods are not available in all countries. For more information, the Japan Post provides a useful tool for simulating shipments, available here. (Select "Parcel (Package)" for step 1 , "Fukuoka" for step 3, and your country for step 4.))

Weight, Size and Item Restrictions

Two factors may restrict the methods available for your shipments :

The size of your item(s).

The type of item Small item Big item Oversized item
Maximum dimension ** Maximum length :60 cm
Maximum length + circumference 90 cm
Poids maximum : 2 kgs
Maximum length : 150 cm
Maximum length + circumference : 300 cm max
Maximum weight: 30 kgs
Heavier than 30 kg
Items that don't fall into the two previous categories
Available modes All All except small packages None*

Notes :

*Please send us a message via the contact form before making a purchase or bid on this type of item so that we can advise you about your options for importing items that are outside the standard shipping size (cars, arcade terminals, etc.)
**These are Japan Post's standard size designations - some countries may impose different size limits or prohibit certain shipping methods. A list of temporary suspension of mail service per country can be found here.

Item type.

Here is a short list of the types of commonly requested items that are unfortunately restricted or forbidden :

Knives and blades
Products containing a lithium battery
Tires, gas cartridges
Magnetized materials (such as amplifiers)
The complete list of forbidden items is available here :
Forbidden items  Must Read
Know before you buy! We cannot stress how important it is to be aware of what Japan Post and other carriers consider 'forbidden items'. If you purchase a forbidden item, the company may refuse to deliver it. This is especially important since purchase cancellation is forbidden in many cases.
We invite you to get in touch with us beforehand if you're interested in bidding on or buying a restricted item : click here to contact us.

Estimate your shipping costs

Remember that Neokyo allows you to store and group your purchases in Japan, so it's quite possible to ship multiple items from different sellers all in one package! In order to help you estimate your shipping costs, here is a weight reference table.

Average weight Item example
2 grams Trading cards (Pokemon, Dragon Ball)
10 grams Calling cards, postal envelopes
50 grams Gashapon, phone cases, Posters, bubble mailing envelopes
100 grams Watches, small stuffed animals, CDs, DVDs
200 grams Manga, smartphone
300 grams T-Shirts, books, small package boxes
500 grams 20 cm PVC figurines
1000 grams Wax dolls, pants, shoes, boxes for standard packages

Simplified Neokyo Estimator.

You can also visit our shipping service providers to see the price tables directly :

Shipping Method Security (Insurance and Delivery Method)

Shipping method Parcel tracking Maximum insurance amount
Small Package : SAL & Airmail 6000 yen
EMS, Surface, SAL & Airmail Content value

The insurance cost is included in the shipping price.

  • EMS : free while insured content does not reach 20000 yen, then 50 yen per 20000 yen worth of content.You can find more details through the Japan Post portal.
  • Surface : free while insured content does not reach 6000 yen, then 400 (base price) + 50 yen per 20000 yen worth of content.

Important points to consider before request a parcel or package

 Must Read

  • We unfortunately do not offer shipping to an address within Japan.
  • All packages may be the subject of an investigation in case of loss / damage / delay during transport. To open an investigation, send us a request at, including your username and all necessary details about the package in question.
  • It is possible to make special comments or requests before we prepare your package for shipping : extra protection such as double packaging, special arrangement of the items inside the package, and so on. These requests may incur additional costs depending on the time and resources that will be required to fulfill them. We will let you know beforehand if this is the case.
  • Shipping by boat is not recommended for fragile products, even if we have used double packaging or other extra protection to safeguard the item.
  • We cannot be held responsible if your package gets stuck in customs for most reasons. It is your duty to deal with the country of destination office of custom.
  • We're at your service for any delivery import faults : delay, loss, damage, theft, etc. Please note that we are not responsible for what happens to your package when it is in customs. Any PayPal dispute initiated against us due to customs blocking or delaying your package, without having sought our help beforehand, will result in a suspension of immediate service and your items in stock will be considered abandoned.
  • Neokyo is not part of the contract of carriage with the carrier that delivers your package(s), and our company assumes no responsibility for losses incurred (such as non-deliveries, delays, damages, etc.) during transport.
  • If you wish to modify a package content (and the package has been already prepared), packing fee shall be applied again in the form of a new invoice.
  • All packed parcels that contain more than 200,000 yens worth of orders must obtain a special export authorization according to Japanese regulations. Japan Post invoices 2,800 yens of processing fees, which are taken into account in our packaging fees on Neokyo.

    If you have to ship more than 200,000 yens worth of items,we recommend you divide your orders into several parcels. If you place an order for more than 200,000 yens, it won't be possible to divide the item in several parcels, even if it is physically possible.