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What’s new for Neokyo in 2022

Hello everyone!  On behalf of the whole Neokyo team, we wish our members a Happy New Year 2022! Looking back to 2021: quite a busy year! We know it has been a rough time...

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Receive an illustration of to/garashi in your packages

This month in your bonus packages, receive a card from to/garashi: a young Japanese illustrator. The universe of to/garashi: Her universe is mainly defined by beautiful female illustrations, combining various motifs such as flowers,...


Enjoy Nareu’s illustration in your Neokyo packages

This month in your Neokyo packages you will be introduced to the Universe of Nareu: a young Japanese illustrator. The universe of NAREU: Nareu’s illustrations are quite “street”. There are two main themes: freedom...

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Gradual closure of Buy Nippon

Buy Nippon is our first Proxy Service site in Japan. It will gradually give way to our new Neokyo site. As of June 1st  2020, you will no longer be able to make shop...