Enjoy Nareu’s illustration in your Neokyo packages

This month in your Neokyo packages you will be introduced to the Universe of Nareu: a young Japanese illustrator.

The universe of NAREU:

Nareu’s illustrations are quite “street”. There are two main themes: freedom (in the streets) and mental control.
His illustrations mix through his characters, a street atmosphere and pop colors! We regularly find in it the notion of religion through his concept of “Stylish Religion” and the one of “Guru” or “Unobservable idol”.

His work :

Nareu has recently worked in partnership with the WEGO brand. As a freelance illustrator, he has participated in several contests and offers his services in the illustration and design of fashion items. You can also find him on a Booth store where he proposes a variety of items: Keyholder, badge, puzzle…

He is currently doing a participatory financing project to finance his own exhibition.


In January, receive in your packages 1 card designed by Nareu! We look forward to your comments!

Find Nareu on:

Twitter : 4444_Exxxx
Pixiv : Nareu
Nareu’s shop : BOOTH

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