J-Music Signing session with Limista and Neokyo

Are you a fan of J-music? Japanese idols or J-rock and Visual Kei? You will love Limista and its online signing service of Japanese artists!

What is Limista?

Limista (short for limitedstand) is a Japanese online service that allows you to participate in online signing sessions of your favorite Japanese artists. The concept is simple. A solo artist or J-Music group opens a signing session for a dedicated product, and you have the opportunity to buy the item plus an autograph. Most often, the autographed items are CDs, books and Cheki! Once you have purchased your autograph, the artists will meet you for a YouTube Live, where the artists will autograph the purchased items live. You also have the possibility to leave a short message that can be read by the artists.

Pretty cool concept, right?

Unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally. So, to participate, you will need to use a proxy service like Neokyo.

Neokyo and Limista: an official partnership.

Neokyo is the only proxy service to have an official partnership with Limista. This offer is in addition to the many other J-Music related offers available on Neokyo such as the official Johnny’s Goodies Sale, newsletters, and a dedicated space on Neokyo.

How do I use limista.jp?

Limista is a Japanese service. They do not offer international shipping. So, in order for international fans to participate in the platform’s online events, Neokyo is offering a special J-music signing offer.

To participate, it’s simple:

  • Go to Neokyo’s Limista page.
  • Choose an event/artist.
  • Choose the item or artist you want.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Confirm your purchase request

Once your request is made, our team will verify that the request is valid. You will then receive a payment request.

Make sure to finalize your payment before the event starts. Please also take into account Neokyo’s service hours.

Once the payment has been finalized, all you have to do is watch the live video of the signing session. Then wait for your items to arrive in your Neokyo inventory.

Sending your autographs and other J-music goodies

At Neokyo, you have the option to buy from all Japanese stores and receive everything in one package or multiple packages. So, you can take advantage of your purchase on Limista and buy from the official store of your favorite Japanese idols or J-rock band. We also advise you to visit our special page Rakuma or Yahoo Auctions! These two websites sell products second hand. Perfect to complete your collection.

Messages to artists.

With Neokyo, you can leave pre-defined messages.  An updated version of the site will be available soon, meaning you will be able to leave the message you want.

Messages are sent in Japanese and can be read during the signing session.

What is a Limista signing session like?

Every week, Limista offers you new signing sessions online. The signing sessions are live from their YouTube channel

Example here with the signing session of B.O.L.T

Why choose Neokyo for your purchases on Limista :

  • Neokyo is the only proxy service to be an official Limista partner
  • Neokyo allows you to shop on all Japanese websites
  • Neokyo allows you to store your items for free for 45 days and then collect them in one package.
  • Neokyo offers several secure payment methods.
  • You can also join Neokyo’s Discord community to share your passion for J-Music or trade.
  • The packaging is designed for international use. And we offer several shipping methods with tracking.

Want to learn more about Neokyo or complete your collection? See you on our special J-music page!

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