Where to purchase doujinshi ?

Are you looking for doujinshi (a manga or fan artbook)? Are the titles you are looking for not available for scanning, do you want to complete your collection, or do you wish to receive exclusive pre-order bonuses?

Today, we are offering you a guide for your doujinshi purchases:

Melonbooks doujinshi seller

Melonbooks and Toranoana the best place for your doujinshi

Often recommended by our customers, Melonbooks and Toranoana are two great shops in the doujinshi universe. From amateur circles to professional authors, you will find a VERY wide range of books to choose from.

These two shops are also particularly appreciated for their exclusive pre-order bonuses! Each site offers a different one, meaning that many members of our community buy one copy at a time on both Melonbooks and Toranoana in order to receive both bonuses and complete their collection.

Another advantage for those who wish to buy several items at the same time is that the domestic shipping costs (from the shop to Neokyo’s premises) are decreasing :


For items that can be sent by envelope :

  • Up to 3 items and a maximum total of 2,500yen: 330Yen for domestic shipping costs (excluding VAT)
  • Up to 4–5 items and a maximum total of 4000 yen: 380 Yen (excluding VAT)

For items that can only be sent in a parcel :

  • For orders under 5,000 yen (excluding VAT): 639 yen (excluding VAT)
  • For orders of 5,000 yen and over (HT) 546 yen (HT)
  • Free shipping for orders over 9,500 Yen (excluding VAT)


  • For orders under 5,400 yen (incl. VAT): 680 yen (incl. VAT)
  • For orders of 5,400 yen and over (incl. VAT): 580 yen (incl. VAT)
  • Free shipping for orders over 97,200 Yen (incl. VAT)

Other sites for your doujinshi purchases

  • Surugaya: Available directly from the Neokyo search bar, you can find a wide selection of used products.
  • Animate: A reference shop for anime goodies, it also offers a wide variety of new doujinshi.
  • Alice Books: Doujinshi and goodies related to doujinshi.
  • Akiboo: Doujinshi, CDs, video games, figurines, cosplay.
  • Mandarake: Known for its wide selection of collectible products, Mandarake also offers doujinshi.

Where to buy doujinshi in Japan

If you are visiting Japan, you should be able to easily access many shops specializing in animated or doujinshi goodies: Surugaya, Animate, K Book, Mandarake… If you are traveling in Tokyo, you will readily find your happiness at Akihabara, Ikebukuro (Otome Road), or Nakano Broadway.

Depending on your schedule, you may also consider participating in special events and conventions such as Comiket or Doujinshi Japan.

Buying and shipping with Neokyo

To make a purchase request on Neokyo, you have two options:

  • Use the search bar available on the home page:
    In this case, you just have to type a keyword in your language (it will be translated automatically) or Japanese. Then choose the shop from which you wish to make a purchase request. (Here we
    recommend Amazon or Surugaya.)
  • Find an article about a Japanese shop:
    If you are looking for a specific product, it will often be easier to find it in a specialized store (see list below). To make a purchase request, you then need to copy the URL of the page of the item you want to purchase and paste it on the purchase request form, which is available from your Neokyo dashboard.

Search on Neokyo by keyword:
Doujinshi : 同人誌
Doujin Soft: 同人ソフト
Doujin Ongaku : 同人音楽
Doujin Goods: 同人グッズ
Doujinshi Classé 18+  : 同人誌 R18
Doujinshi Boys Love / Yaoi : 同人誌 BL
Doujinshi Yuri : 同人誌 百合
Doujinshi + (manga/anime/video game soft’s title…) [Title] +同人誌

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