Shop Cosplay on the Parfait store with Neokyo!

Making your own cosplay can be complicated if you are a beginner in this field. Buying a pre-made cosplay can be a good way to start getting involved in the magical world of cosplay.

Today, we’re going to tell you how to buy your cosplay in Japan with Neokyo! It’s easy and perfect to take advantage of exceptional offers that can only be found in Japan!

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Cosplay in Japan.

Japan is one of the countries that popularized cosplay through its pop-culture and the wide diffusion of Japanese culture based around anime, manga, lightnovels, video games… For some people, cosplay is a passion that allows them to change their appearance and personality during a meeting with friends or a performance. For others, cosplay is a profession. Because yes, in Japan you can be a professional cosplayer, a photographer for cosplayers, a cosplay store manager, a costume designer…

In order to meet the demands of the fans, many Japanese cosplay stores have been created and continue to thrive. And among these stores, today, we would like to introduce you to the Parfait online store: specialized in second-hand cosplay.

Parfait: a Fukuoka cosplay store!

Parfait is a small cosplay store in Fukuoka (near our office ^^). In addition to a physical store, the cosplays of the Parfait store are also available online.

cosplay japan parfait

The benefits of Parfait.

Parfait is a relatively small store but full of amazing offers. Whether in the physical store or online you can actually spend a long time looking at the available cosplays, wigs, lenses and accessories.

Second hand cosplays.

The main advantage of the store is its range of used Japanese cosplay. The used Japanese items are often in good condition. The store also verifies that the condition of the cosplay is consistent with the quality you are looking for. Choosing second hand can be a very good option if you want to shop on a budget or if you are looking for cosplay of popular anime characters from the past.

If you’re not interested in second hand, Parfait also offers a range of new cosplays, but at reasonable prices. You will also find wigs, colored lenses and accessories to perfect your cosplays.

Great deals on many cosplays.

Parfait also has many cosplays on sale. You can take advantage of 75% / 50% / 30% off on used cosplays. Of course, these are old items and simple cosplays, but you will probably find something to cheer yourself up or to complete an old cosplay.


The different sizing of cosplay.

The size of a cosplay can be an obstacle when shopping online. The size of the cosplay is indicated on the product page. Parfait offers a wide range of costumes from size XS to 3XL. For more details, here is their size chart.

cosplay taille

How to shop for cosplays on the Parfait store with Neokyo.

Shopping for cosplays in Japan with Neokyo is easy! And of course you can buy from the Parfait cosplay store directly from your Neokyo account.

Step 1: Find the item you need on Parfait and copy its URL.

cosplay parfait

Step 2: Login to your Neokyo account.

neokyo login

Step 3: Fill out the purchase request form.

Neokyo form


The Neokyo team will validate your buy request. Once your order has been validated, pay for your order and create a packing request. Neokyo team will try to consolidate your package as soon as possible. Finally choose from eight international shipping options and pay.

Enjoy Shopping with Neokyo!

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