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Buy Johnny's Official Merchandise with Neokyo

We are an intermediary service for your purchases in Japan. Neokyo can place orders on your behalf, store and ship your purchases

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The iconic Johnny's duo is back with a new line of merchandise to connect with fans around the world!

Enjoy the cross-border service Neokyo provides to get all the KinKi Kids - 24451 - Kimi to Boku no Koe concert goods delivered right to your home overseas!

Neokyo is a service that allows you to shop at Japanese stores such as Johnny's ONLINE STORE and Johnny's ISLAND STORE.

Thanks to a partnership with Johnny & Associates for sales outside Japan, you can have access to some products directly from Neokyo with exclusive advantages :


- No commission fee! (250 yen → 0 yen)

- No domestic shipping fees! (Johnny’s Shop to Neokyo: 660 yen → 0 yen)
- Fast Shipping! We have items in stock, so we can start shipping right when Johnny’s does! With Neokyo, you can get your items quicker than other companies!


Johnny’s is listening, so let your international fan voice be heard!

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Why should you use Neokyo for your Johnny’s Goods purchases?

●   Shop without having to understand Japanese.

●   No need for a Japanese address to ship your purchases.

●   The opportunity to pay for your purchases with your preferred payment method.

●   Confirmation and quality assurance as to the conditions of items

●   Shipping protection for international shipping.

●   An international support community on Neokyo’s social networks and Discord.

●   The chance to be heard, with sales made through Neokyo being reported directly to Johnny & Associates!

KinKi Kids - 24451 - Kimi to Boku no Koe new goods

And thanks to the support of Johnny & Associates, beginning June 16th international fans can purchase all the new KinKi Kids - 24451 - Kimi to Boku no Koe concert goods here on Neokyo! Enjoy worldwide shipping & complete your collection.

Fans of Domoto Koichi and Domoto Tsuyoshi will be able to enjoy 6 new original goods! 

KinKi Kids - 24451 - Kimi to Boku no Koe  goods are only available via Johnny & Associates’ official domestic website Johnny's ONLINE STORE, but it is now possible for international fans to get the items through Neokyo: the only official option for your Johnny's Concert goods!

What goodies can I buy?

From this page, you can buy all the official KinKi Kids - 24451 - Kimi to Boku no Koe goods !

Check out our special Johnny's Goods page, where you can see even more campaigns Neokyo is currently helping to support!

Some products are not part of special campaigns, but you can still purchase them by using our purchase request form. It’s fast, simple, and allows you to purchase everything Johnny's ONLINE STORE and Johnnys’ ISLAND STORE ONLINE have to offer!

How do I receive my purchases internationally?

With Neokyo, you can store your purchases with us for free for 45 days. This allows you to consolidate your purchases with other vendors into one or more packages. Our team will then arrange your packages together for international delivery. Once you've chosen your shipping method and paid the shipping fees, all that’s left is waiting for your goodies to arrive!

Don't hesitate to share your unboxing with us! We are always happy to see your pictures and read your messages!