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If you like J-music, you must have already heard about Johnny & Associates (founder: Johnny H. Kitagawa) the most popular male idol agency in Japan.

Johnny's has brick-and-mortar and online stores such as Johnny's ONLINE STORE and Johnnys' ISLAND STORE.

There, you can find exclusive photos of and official goodies from the groups that made their debut, as well as Johnnys' Juniors.

How to buy Johnny's Goods with Neokyo?

Johnny's ONLINE STORE and Johnnys' ISLAND STORE ONLINE are a must for all Janiwota looking to complete their collections of goodies and photos. Unfortunately, these websites do not offer international shipping.

That's where Neokyo comes in!

Choose the items you want to purchase, and we will make the purchase on your behalf. No more waiting for a trip to Japan, using an intermediary to go to the store, or paying too much for resold goodies on Mercari Japan or Mandarake!

Neokyo offers you an easy-to-use solution for your purchases of Johnny's goodies and other Japanese products!

Neokyo is the only partner officially sanctioned by Johnny’s for sales outside Japan.

How does Neokyo help you shop?

Your Neokyo account lets you buy across all Japanese online shopping platforms.

This also allows you :

  • To make your purchases even if you are not proficient in Japanese.
  • To place purchases that have a Japanese address requirement for shipment.
  • To confirm your purchase payment with your preferred method.
  • To pay the Japan domestic shipping cost to the Neokyo warehouse just once, at checkout. When it comes to purchasing different band goods, Johnny's ONLINE STORE sometimes requires to place separate orders. This is not the case when taking advantage of Neokyo service.
  • To make sure the item you wish to purchase will not be out of stock.
  • To shop with confidence, as we package your items for international shipping.
  • To join our international community on our social networks and Discord server.
  • To benefit from a first-class customer service.
Best of all: Johnny's is made aware of their monthly sales at Neokyo and we make sure that international fans are heard and matter!

What kind of goods can I buy?

Using Neokyo, you can buy all the items currently online at Johnny's for which we have sales and promotional agreements.

We apologize but it is possible that a group you may be looking for is currently not included in our agreements. The number of products offered will gradually increase over time. Share your favorite Johnny's Goods campaigns with as many people as possible to help us expand our offers!

Moreover, if you are looking for goodies that are out of stock or that are no longer on sale, we advise you to try Mercari Japan by using the Neokyo search bar .

How to receive my purchases to my home address?

With Neokyo, you can store your purchases for free for 45 days. This allows you to consolidate all your purchases into one or more packages. When you have all the items you want, our team consolidates your packages for international delivery. Once you've chosen your shipping method and paid the shipping fees, all you have to do is wait for your goodies to arrive!