Mercari : How to purchase items in batches or set .

Items Sold as a Batch or Alone

If the offer is for a batch or only one item, you simply need to fill in the purchase request form.

Attention: The “Item Option” field is, as its name indicates, optional. It is only useful if you need to choose something like the color or size.

Entering any information, message, or condition not related to the purchase will invalidate the purchase.

Special Case: Choice of One or More Items from a Batch of Items

If the seller authorizes it, we will contact the seller to request the creation of a page dedicated to your purchase request.

To make your purchase request, fill in the purchase request form by indicating the list of items to be purchased in the” Item Option” field.

The following are some tips for filling in the “Item option” field:

  • Be as clear as possible in your requests. For example: Photo 1, 2nd row the 3rd card from the left. Or, photo number 3 and photo number 5.
  • Use ImgBB: You can use an image upload service, such as ImgBB, to specify your choices.
  • Avoid giving only the name of the member of a group and/or giving only the name of the version of the article. If you do not clearly specify the item you are interested in, it will slow down the release process and possibly cause an error in the purchase requisition.

Special Case: Recognizing a Listing that Allows a Partial Batch Purchase

Some sellers refuse to sell items separately that are part of a batch. The following is vocabulary to help you better understand listings:

Authorized unit sale: バラ売りOK‼️

Set/Batch of articles: セット

Note: Listings at the advertised price of 9,999,999 yen or 1,234,567 yen are almost always means that the sale of single photo items. The real price is often specified in the description of the listing.

A low price for a lot often means that it is only the price of one item.

Attention: If you buy a complete set of items, leave the ” Item Option” field empty!

The following is a list of reasons for invalidating a purchase request :

  • The seller refuses to sell a lot separately.
  • The price of an item is not specified in the listing.
  • One of the requested items is no longer available.
  • We have been blocked by the seller.
  • The item is no longer available.
  • We are not able to clearly understand which items are to be purchased.

The following is a checklist to use for before place an order :

  • Does the seller agree to sell the item separately?
  • What is the actual/real price of the item?
  • Is the purchase request completely filled?
  • Is the “Item Option” field filled in with as much detail as possible?

Don’t hesitate to read our advice on how to speed up the validation of your purchase request on Mercari and Rakuma.

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