Tips for Your Mercari purchases on Neokyo

Items on Mercari often sell out very quickly. To avoid the cancellation of a purchase due to the item being sold out, here are 5 tips that will help you get the most sought after items on Mercari.

1 – Use the “Item option” field only if it is useful.

Mercari purchase requests are automatically validated several times a day. However, the presence of a comment requires manual validation, which considerably delays the validation process.

The “Item option” field is useful when you need to specify the size and/or color of an item. You can also use it to clearly explain which item(s) you want to buy in a batch.

Questions asked in this space will be ignored, as will conditional requests, such as “buy only if…”. We assume that you know what you are buying.

2 – Prefer “Buy now” product page

ellers may require us to comment on the product page before purchase. Therefore, we advise you to favor items that can be purchased without comment.

The words 即購入, 即購入OK or 即購入可能 are often present in the description of listings available for immediate purchase.

3 – Prefer recently listed items.

On Mercari, some listings are several months or even several years old.

It’s possible that the seller is no longer active. In this case, your purchase request remains unanswered for several days before being canceled by our team.

In the PC version of Mercari you do not have access to the date of publication of the listing. However, we advise you to check the date of the last comments (if there are any) or to use the “Sort by” feature and sort the listings by selecting “Newest first.”

4 – Check to see if the listing is reserved.

If there are comments on the product page, it’s possible that the item is reserved. The seller can choose to reserve the item for the person who commented first, even if there is a notion of the possibility to make an immediate purchase. Therefore, prefer products without comments.

In order to reserve an item for a buyer, the seller can choose to create a page dedicated to the buyer. You will find the word 専用 or 様 in the title of the product. Unfortunately, in this case, when there is a dedicated page, we will not be able to proceed with the purchase.

5- Pay for your items quickly.

Our team will buy your item as soon as possible once the purchase request has been paid. If you wait several days to pay for the item, it may already be sold when our team goes to purchase it.

Purchase requests must be paid within 4 days or the request will expire.

Learn more about Mercari in our Mercari Guide.

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